Google Workspace review

Google Workspace or Google for Business, is said as a collection of apps and tools which the search giant provides at one place. In Google Workspace with a monthly fee payment you get several advance options for these apps. The company has been working hard for many years to develope variety of tools with numerous of amazing features to help out its users.

Undoubtedly, you must be familiar with some of it’s highly used apps like Gmail and Google docs.

Google Workspace in 2021 has moved some of the free version apps to get upgraded with new tools and services like Google Docs and Gmail several. After a fixed priced set to paid to enjoy its new features were you will see these apps combined there tools in one big package. This is specifically designed for businesses related works and offices. 

Google on its new Workshop subscription says that any business, no matter a solo freelancer or a larger company, can easily use it and get benefited with its tools. Here they can create, communicate, collaborate to be productive in a variety of aspects. 

Why To Purchse A Google Workspace Subscription?

As said by Google a paid subscription will give you variety of new feature and tools from the free version. This subscription will surely give you an edge over other business using the free one. Moreover, the company haven’t revealed anything more about its new features and tools in the subscription package. 

Here is the list of few app services from the Google Workshop subscription – 

  • Gmail for business 
  • Sheets for spreadsheets and organization 
  • Drive for Google cloud storage
  • Access Google Workspace apps using Google Marketplace
  • Docs for creating content online
  • Keep for making and saving notes
  • Calendar for setting events and appointments
  • Chat for quick team messages
  • Google Meet for video conferences

Are you among those planning to take this Google Workshop subscription? If Yes, then why? Do let us know in the comments or contact us for any question regarding this read. 


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