Chinese app TikTok has really driven people’s minds crazy. A large number of people used to use TikTok before it got banned. Even after that, people were so desperate that they moved to other similar apps after the ban.


Google took this as a business opportunity and they are working on a new feature which will work like Instagram reels and TikTok videos. The feature will be added in the Google app for mobile devices. The company’s aim behind the feature is to retain those customers who are leaving Google’s platform for something better.


The feature will be known as Google stories which will be added in the Google search app. It will be showing short video contents from Google’s publishing partners such as USA today, Vice, Forbes etc.

The app will also fetch videos from other applications like Tangi, Google’s own version of TikTok, Indian app Trell and Youtube. Youtube also has a feature of making stories.

The app has already started to feature short videos for some of the users where it used to show short video content in Google discover. Both the TikTok and Instagram videos were available there, all you need to do is to click on that tile and you will be redirected to the web page of the site. Just press back and you will be back at the same page.

Though, there are no statements released by Instagram or TikTok about it. 

When Google was asked more about it, they declined to reveal much about their plans but a spokesperson of the company said in a statement that they were working to add features this new in the mobile devices only.


As Google is working on it, we can expect a great experience from the feature. Though, there isn’t much information available about it, as the audience that TikTok had, the feature will surely make a huge impact.


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