You might have noticed that a lot of online applications ask to accept cookies in order to visit the site. but now those warning messages are soon to be replaced by another ad targeting function which Google is currently working on.

Cookies used to collect the third-party user data as the user accepts them and then sold it to online marketers and advertisers. there’s been a really long time since cookies are working like that.

There are other companies in the market like Apple and Mozilla who are also working on a new function which will replace the Cookies. Both the companies have introduced new sweeping privacy changes through which the sites won’t be able to collect user data with cookies. It would be a huge and expensive change for sites because Cookies have already taken the market by a very big ratio with a whopping $330 billion digital ecosystem over the years.

Some of the companies are already taking data directly from the user and then use them to target ads. Google has come with a new API named Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) which will help the company to replace the Cookies option by installing an extension in the browser. As the feature is in testing stage, it has been introduced through extensions, the final product will directly come inside the chrome settings.


The FLoC will use some machine learning algorithms through which they will collect the data of users and analyse them. then it will create a group of thousands of people based on their similar preferences as they visit the sites and then it will be shared to target the ads. However, the individual data of any user will never be shared.

Chetan Bindra, the group product manager of user trust and privacy of Google said that the FLoC would be a new way through which business will reach people and provide them relevant content by grouping people with similar interests. The new approach would not target any individual and hence no one’s privacy would be compromised.

As per the studies conducted by Google, the FLoC will reduce the cost by 5% as compared to the cost that used to incur on traditional Cookie based ads. So, do you think this new feature by Google will be beneficial for users to keep their information safe?


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