Google Meet Launches New Immersive Backgrounds for Web-Based Video Calls

Google Meet now includes new immersive backgrounds and styles, allowing Web users to customise their video call backgrounds while on the call. Two new animated backdrops, Cafe and Condo, have been added to the platform to help users represent their current time zone and climate. 

Both interiors will be iterated several times to include rain, sun, and snow, as well as morning and night time zones. Previously, Google Meet allowed users to select from a variety of background options, including classroom, party, and forest. 

Additionally, Google Meet allows you to personalise the video by adding a variety of light and colour filters, as well as more stylised backgrounds. Google Meet was updated on November 17th, according to a blog post

Google Meet Launches New Immersive Backgrounds for Web-Based Video Calls
Google Meet Launches New Immersive Backgrounds for Web-Based Video Calls

5 new animations: Google Meet

Google claims that the five new immersive, subtle animations will enliven a background or change the lighting settings. As previously stated, Google Meet desktop users can select between Condo (morning or night) and Cafe (rainy, snowy, or sunny) animated video backgrounds prior to joining or during a call via the effects settings panel.

Users of Google Workspace, as well as G Suite Basic and Business, can now use the new animated background options. Personal Google accounts are currently ineligible. According to Google, eligible devices may take up to 15 days to see the new options. 

Furthermore, Google warns that changing the background of the device may cause it to slow down. In order to compete with Zoom, Google introduced custom backgrounds for video calls in 2020. Since then, the video conferencing platform has continued to update and improve the feature.

 It added a new settings panel in September of this year, allowing quick access to effects like background blur, background images, and styles. 

In addition, the company announced the addition of a feature that compensates for poor lighting during video calls. When a Web user appears to be underexposed during a video call, the feature automatically increases their device’s brightness to improve visibility.



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