Google May Add ‘Adaptive Sound’ And Song Recognition To Live Caption In The Upcoming Pixel 5 Update

Google might add a new ‘Adaptive Sound’ feature in its Pixel 5 model. Report from officials says this update will very soon going to be live in Pixel 5 ( and in Pixel 4a 5G also).

XDA’s Mishaal Rahman was the first to spot this report in the APK teardown. This APK teardown of Latest Device Personalization Services app confirmed this. With clearly mentioning that this new Adaptive Sound’ feature will make its way to Pixel 5.

This ‘Adaptive Sound’ is not similar to what we have in Pixel Buds 2 TWS earbuds. Where it increase the volume when we get into a noisy environment.

The Adaptive Sound feature in Pixel 5 will not increase the volume but improve audio quality with it’s automatically adjusting equalizer (EQ). This setting will give a better quality sound that will suit the environment. 

With an automatically adjusting equaliser(EQ), this new feature will eradicate the hassle of manually adjusting (EQ).

As per the description, Google says that this Adaptive Sound feature at high volume might not be discernible.

More to this, Google promises that this time microphone audio will have a shorter life and gets deleted shortly after recorded. Google also assures that your audio will never reach the servers and will be processed locally in your Pixel 5. 

Pixel 5: Adaptive Sound

Google confirmed they are all set to give this Adaptive Sound update along with Pixel 5 in this month or early 2021.

As been spotted by Twitter user @siluah, who says that Amazon listing for Pixel 5 mentioned that the existence of this new feature will be listed after the launch. 

However, the citation to adaptive speakers soon got removed after the handset launched. 

Pixel 5: Adaptive Speakers

Here comes another report which says that there will be an enhancement in the Live Caption feature. This upcoming feature was also uncovered in the APK teardown.

As per the reports, after this update, Google may add song recognition to Live Caption. 

Which means the caption will show the song’s title and artist’s name where initially we get to see only [MUSIC]. 

We might get both this update at the same time. Stay tuned! To get notified whenever there’s any update regarding this and on the latest tech.


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