Google Maps now has a dark mode for iOS users: How to Make It Work

Google Maps’ iOS app now features a dark appearance.

The much-anticipated feature will help users to preserve battery life.

The greyscale interface will alleviate eye strain by maintaining the minimal contrast ratio necessary for the app.

Apple introduced Dark Mode to its phones quite some time ago, with the release of iOS 13.

Google, on the other hand, waited nearly two years to enable the functionality on both Android and iOS.

The business announced the release of Dark Mode for Maps in iOS earlier this year.

Google Maps announced the inclusion of Dark Mode in its iOS app in August.

The feature has been available since September. We were able to independently confirm that the Dark Mode functionality has been introduced to Google Maps.

Google Maps now has a dark mode
Google Maps now has a dark mode

How to Enable Google Maps Dark Mode on iOS

To enable the dark theme on your iOS app, touch on your profile image, then Settings, and finally Dark Mode.

You may toggle it on or off, or set it to the same as the device setting. When this option is enabled, the backdrop of Maps becomes dark grey.

The names and representations of locales are lighter in color. In nature, all of the colors are distinct.

Google Maps for Android received Dark Mode in February of this year.

Other new additions to Maps include eco-friendly routing, light navigation for cyclists, and bike and scooter share information.

Google Maps will propose routes that are optimized for the least amount of fuel use while using eco-friendly routing. 

The lite navigation function will provide cyclists with route notifications without requiring them to engage in turn-by-turn navigation, which needs the screen to be turned on.

Users may simply check nearby stations and how many cars are available at any time on Maps with bike and scooter sharing information.

On Android

If you’re on Android, a similar function was released earlier this year, although the process for enabling it differs slightly from that of iOS.

Tap your profile image, then “Settings,” then “Theme,” then choose from the same three selections as on iOS.

If you ask us, the ideal option in both circumstances is for Google Maps to utilize the same setting as your device, so that all of your apps match perfectly.

But don’t listen to us when we tell you what to do. Listen to your heart.

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