Nobody might ever have thought that curing the Alzheimer’s symptoms would be so easy that all you need to do is wear a glass-like device. 

A new research has been done by University of Otago where it was found that Alzheimer’s disease can really be treated by just wearing a glass like device. 


The researchers are currently focusing on restoring the people’s sense of smell which is an early-stage symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Basically, they are working on those symptoms which leads to memory problems of the patient.

There are possibilities that treating the olfactory system or sense of smell might play a very important role in getting a person back into consciousness after his brain gets injured.

The research has come with a prototype of a wearing device which looks similar to google glasses. The device will produce small electronic pulses which will help to restore the sense of smell.


Yusuf Ozgur Cakmak, an associate professor at Otago’s Department of Anatomy, has said in a statement that they were really looking forward to making the device work and treating Alzheimer’s disease. He also said that the device has the potential to recover a person from coma. Cakmak also added that as the early results are so promising, they can expect a lot of great results from the device. Using the product on a hair free zone in daily routine is a very easy and unique method of treating the disease.

A lot of electrode configurations were developed by the researchers and were tested on Alzheimer patients as it might be a little risky to play with electrodes and the human brain. The research team is working very hard to come up with a final solution to cure the disease. They are collaborating with a company named Soterix Medical which provides neuromodulation and brain monitoring technology.

As the technology is changing with time, the day has to come where such a device will be discovered, though nobody thought that it will be discovered so early. 

Hopefully the device will soon be launched out in the market and help people treating the disease.


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