Unanimously, “Good Girls” has ended. There are cliffhangers and unhappy fans in the wake
of the last episodes of the crime drama-comedy. Christina Hendricks stars as Elizabeth
“Beth” Boland, Ruby Hill, and Mae Whittaker as suburban mothers who are all struggling
financially. In an innovative money-making idea, they attempted to loot a store but soon
found themselves in over their heads with local police and other crooks.
As reported by TVLine, Hendricks, Retta, and Whitman even agreed to take pay concessions
to make the renewal possible. “Good Girls” was supposed to begin filming in the spring of
next year. After that, however, the cancellation was confirmed. Why such a dramatic shift in
style? “[We] very much wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to round up the
storey, but unfortunately, we were unable to make the financials work,” one NBC employee
said in an interview.

Good Girl season 5

If you remember back to when “Good Girls” premiered on Netflix, NBC had reached a deal
with the streaming service to make it available exclusively on its platform. There were
rumours that Netflix would continue the show when “Good Girls” was cancelled, but no
contract ever came to fruition. As a result, the first several seasons of “Good Girls” are still
available on Netflix, but there won’t be any new episodes.
“Good Girls” was cancelled for a variety of reasons, including financial and creative
differences. Manny Montana, who plays Beth’s love interest, apparently wasn’t keen about
taking a reduced income. In addition, Seth Rogen’s inability to bargain with Hendricks may
have been due to their problematic relationship off-screen.
Their connection has been characterised by the two as businesslike and professional. This
implies that the two aren’t precisely pals in real life. This irritated Hendricks: “My name is
not Chris. No one in my life calls me that. No, that’s not my real name! I think it’s a total
waste of time and money. He’s never had an opportunity to see how much I dislike it, either.”
In retrospect, the storey looked slightly too earnest to be dismissed as a joke, which made the
rumour of a backstage spat all the more plausible.
Everyone on the set of “Good Girls” didn’t get along. During her stay on the show, Whitman
has posted various photographs and videos on her Instagram feed. Good Girls will not be
renewed, but the women who starred in the programme are still close.


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