Ghosts Season 4 has yet to be formally ordered by the BBC, but surely they’d be crazy not to? Former Call the Midwife actor Charlotte Ritchie plays a lady who can see ghosts for real in the BBC’s long-running comedy series Ghosts. Because one of the writers has shown an interest in writing for additional episodes, we’re quietly sure that the spook-tactually entertaining sitcom isn’t over.

Updates on Release Date

On October 7th, ‘Ghosts’ will make its debut (via Just Jared Jr.). Over a year after the event was initially announced, this revelation came to light. Deadline reported in 2019 that a CBS adaptation of the BBC series “Ghosts” was in production.

As a former “New Girl” co-producer, he has collaborated with Joe Port to create a single-camera comedy. The first episode of “Ghosts” aired on BBC One in April of this year. Despite being “extremely British,” The Guardian remarked that the series is “American in the sense that it has a gag-to-airtime ratio far greater than British sitcoms typically manage these days.”

There is a chance that the original show’s combination of British and American comic sensibilities may be a boon for CBS’s US-based version, but British series adapted for American viewers have had mixed success in the past. Even though “The Office” is perhaps the most popular of these shows, there are numerous more that are often overlooked. How well “Ghosts” is received by American audiences remains to be seen.

Updates on Casting Members

There is a good chance that all of the main characters will return. Charlie Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe will reprise their roles as Button House’s proprietors, Alison and Mike. When Martha Howe-Douglas took on the role of Lady Fanny Button, she started to warm up a bit in series 3 and even became a detective.

In addition, Mathew Baynton will reprise his role as Thomas Thorne, who briefly abandoned Alison in the last series. As Pat Butcher, Jim Howick will reprise his role, while Ben Willbond will reprise his role as the Captain, who loves to maintain things in military order.

Aside from that, there’ll be Katy Wix as Mary, Laurence Rickard as Robin/Head, Humphrey’s Simon Farnaby as Julian Fawcett, and Lolly Adefope as Kitty, among others.

Updates on Plot

For the show’s fourth season, only Ben Willbond, who plays the captain, has any thoughts on what to do with the show’s characters and story. She stated, “I’m looking forward to the third season.” “That depends on whether or if the BBC wants to do more with the project. For them to be satisfied, we must go all out and finish the job. That, I believe, is the most difficult aspect of it all.

“In addition, if we discover new material throughout the writing process, we’ll be thinking about how we may approach it in series four. But we haven’t seen a fourth season yet. After realising how much creative potential exists in this area, you feel good. A fantastic concept, but it depends on if the BBC wants to do more with it. Dealing with that may be a huge task.”


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