Patton Oswalt Declares That He And Dave Chappelle “Agree 100 Percent On Transgender Rights And Representation”

Patton Oswalt and Dave Chappelle “100% disagree” on transgender rights and representations, according to Oswalt.

“I work to protect the rights of people who identify as gay or lesbian. You can count on me to be a trustworthy friend.

Patton Oswalt issues an apology and reflects on his friendship with comedian Dave Chappelle

After seeing Chappelle perform at the Seattle Center on Friday night, Chappelle invited Oswalt to do a guest set, and Oswalt posted a photo of the two on social media. Why should I be concerned? I bid farewell to this hell year in the company of a genius with whom I began stand-up comedy 34 years ago. His signature style is to move around the arena as if he were talking to one person and making them fall in love with him. To summarise, I finished 2018 with a new friend and a good laugh. “I couldn’t ask for anything more,” Oswalt wrote.

It was later revealed that Oswalt and Chappelle had been friends since they were teenagers but hadn’t seen each other “in a long time.” He’s a fellow comedian and one of my favorite people I’ve ever met. I decided to share it by posting a photo and a story about it on Instagram. Dave Chappelle is my friend. “We’ve been friends,” he wrote for 34 years. “We’ve done ’em all: open mics, TV tapings, and bad gigs.”

Patton Oswalt’s Statements

As comedian Patton Oswalt put it, “We completely disagree on transgender rights and representation.” “I believe that transgender people have the right to live their lives in the world as they see fit, without fear of discrimination.” “A seeker like him is not finished evolving, learning,” Oswalt said, despite the fact that he “always disagrees” with Chappelle.

When you’ve known someone for so long and have witnessed their ups and downs, there’s nothing you can do. He went on to say that he had been “carrying a lot of guilt” since severing ties with friends who held opposing views or changed in ways he couldn’t “live with.” “It’s impossible not to be optimistic, open, and cheer them on,” Oswalt said. There was “friction” in the past, according to the man, when it came to being both an LGBTQ supporter and a “loyal friend.”

The LGBTQ community, in my opinion, is a worthy cause. You can count on me to be a trustworthy friend. “I need to reconcile those traits with myself and not allow them to cause feelings of betrayal,” he said, in order to avoid making anyone else feel betrayed.

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