From watching a Bulldogs game at Stanford stadium to hiking amidst the breathtaking vistas of Cloudland Canyon, there are plenty of ways to have fun and unwind in Georgia. Unfortunately, sports betting isn’t one of them.

While Georgia has much potential for sports betting, legalizing gambling has been a tough tussle. The 2023 legislative session saw no gambling bill successfully pass through the Senate, with arguments around social impact and splitting the game’s wins.

However, with powerful sports betting companies like Entain leading the charge in 2024, there’s finally a glimmer of hope for Georgian bettors. Will this be the year sports betting becomes legal in the Peach State? Find out this and more as you read on.

The Georgia Gambling Bill So Far

Georgia’s gambling history dates as far back as the 1800s when the state used proceeds from lotteries to fund local education. Years later, in 1992, the Georgia Lottery became legalized. Fast forward to 2018, the United States Supreme Court ruled out the Sports Protection Act and gave autonomy to states to decide the fate of sports betting within their borders.

While many states have since joined the sports betting train, it’s been a bumpy ride for Georgia. In 2023, Sen. Billy Hickman proposed Senate Bill 57 to allow in-person and online sports betting at sporting events, while Rep. Marcus Wiedower presented House Bill 380 with a focus on online betting. In the end, the bills still needed to be made through. While there’s no active gambling legislation today, there are high expectations as the legislative session begins in 2024.

Economic Impacts Of Legalized Gambling in Georgia

Increased Tax Revenue

Georgia, no doubt, has what it takes to rake in millions of dollars more in sports betting revenue compared to states like Oregon and Delaware, with its much larger population of sports betting enthusiasts. An Oxford economic report published in 2017 estimated that even with a base tax rate, Georgia could generate nearly $100 million yearly from sports betting. This money could be channeled to fund various public services and programs that benefit the people.

Enhanced Customer Protection

During an interview, the Senior Vice President of American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Martin Lycka, agreed that Georgia would be fooling itself by assuming its citizens aren’t engaged in gambling. Legalizing sports betting in the state would offer more protection to bettors and allow people to legally wager on their favorite sports and sporting events without exposing themselves to fraud and unfair practices. It would also allow the state to regulate the industry and ensure that operators are licensed, audited, and held accountable.

Increased Fan Engagement

Falcons President Rich McKay once expressed his opinion about the Georgia gambling bill in an interview, stating that the Atlanta team is most excited about the upside of increasing fan engagement if sports betting eventually becomes legalized. Watching your favorite team play is fun, but owning a stake in the game’s outcome makes the game more exciting. Georgia online casinos allow fans to interact with each other, sharing opinions and predictions while increasing the fan base and viewership of sports teams.

Economic Development

Neighboring states like Tennessee have since witnessed a surge in jobs and business opportunities since betting was legalized within their borders. Georgia will most certainly witness the same, if not on a larger scale. Sports betting would require a workforce of operators, regulators, analysts, marketers, and other professionals who would contribute to the state’s economy. More platforms are expected to emerge with newer technologies to cater to the needs and demands of the budding sports betting industry.

Provide Funding for the Georgia Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship is a lottery-funded merit-based program that allows Georgian students to attend in-state colleges fully funded. While the scholarship scheme was first met with resistance from religious groups at its inception, it has recorded monumental success, helping over 1.7 million students access $18.7 billion of education. Imagine how many more students could access free education if more funds could be invested. Also, there are predictions that a shortage of funds might end the program before 2028.

Georgian Online Casinos You Can Bet On

There is a range of offshore online casinos you can bet on as a Georgian. Some of the top and most reliable ones are DuckyLuck Casino and Bovada. DuckLuck offers quality features, dozens of games, and a wide range of betting lines. High rollers can go as high as $5000 per wager. Bovada is another option to consider, with swift payouts, an interactive user interface, and several betting options.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What’s the current status of the Georgia gambling bill?

As of now, there’s no active gambling legislation in progress. All attempts to legalize various forms of gambling, including sports betting, casinos, and horse racing, failed in 2023.

Can I gamble online in Georgia?

Yes, there are offshore online casinos available for Georgia-based bettors. You can begin by checking out any of our recommended casinos.

Georgia Gambling Bill 2024: More Support Needed For a Consensus

The Peach State is not entirely a no-gambling zone. Some convenience stores offer casino-style games and horse racing tracks that allow you to bet on races occasionally. However, suppose Georgia is ever to tap into the full potential of gambling. In that case, legislators will have to rally more support and reach conclusive agreements that would fairly address the concerns of all sides.



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