Following last week’s torrential downpour, George Clooney has offered to help raise £50 million for Lake Como, a small Italian village that has been flooded as a result.

The actor was one of the thousands of individuals caught up in the disastrous floods that followed 72 hours of heavy rain. When a river of mud and debris surged through town, engulfing adjacent homes and businesses, he and his family were on holiday at their lakeside home.

The torrential rains began on Tuesday evening (July 27), causing river and stream banks to rupture, turning the road outside George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra home in Laglio into a roaring river.

In an interview with Italian media, Clooney indicated that “the situation in Cernobbio is horrible, and the situation in Laglio is far worse.” I met with the mayor, who mentioned that there will be a lot of work and that it will cost millions of dollars, but this community is strong. It will react and respond more effectively than previously. This is an extraordinarily robust city.”

Roberto Pozzi’s view

Because of the severity of the floods, Lagilo mayor Roberto Pozzi was compelled to order the evacuation of inhabitants residing in flood-prone areas. A landslide created a gas leak in the village of Brienno, which is located on the lake’s western coast, trapping approximately 50 people inside their homes. Firefighters saved a total of 60 persons in the Lake Como area, and around 60 people were rescued overall.

Pozzi estimated that the renovation would take years and cost millions of dollars. “Anyone who arrives in Laglio will be ripping their hair out,” he remarked, referring to the gravity of the situation. It is believed that 500,000 cubic meters of debris were thrown in the town.

Officials estimate the total damage to be in the region of £50 million, and the flooding has forced the relocation of 60 individuals.

“George has agreed to help us rebuild and restructure using his contacts,” Pozzi told The Sun. This demonstrates how much he cares about our neighborhood. “He looked moved and wanted to know how he could help,” the woman who approached him stated.

Clooney recently revealed why he will not be celebrating his 60th birthday this year. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor reveals he is “not thrilled” with the news.

Clooney stated of his age, “I’m not happy to be 60, but it’s better than being dead.” That’s fine with me. It’s entirely up to me to make a decision.”


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