Game Theory with Bomani Jones, season 1 premiere Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Expectations!

A new sports journalism show is soon going to start airing its episodes. Famous sports journalist Bomani Jones is going to host the show, which has been named ‘Game Theory with Bomani Jones. With the show coming out later this month, we have gathered all the important stuff that you should know about this show. So, without beating about the bush, let’s get on with the production details of the show. 

Game Theory with Bomani Jones – Who are behind the show?

The sports journalism show has been ordered by HBO as a late-night thing. Hyperobject Industries are going to be the chief producers for the show. A trailer for the show has been made available by HBO Max. You can watch the trailer

Furthermore, the show is going to premiere on the HBO TV channel and the HBO Sports TV channel on 13th March 2022, followed by its release on the HBO Max streaming service on 14th March 2022. After these dates, a new episode will come out every Sunday. Now how well do you know Bomani Jones, the host of the show? Not so well right. Well, you can get to know him by just reading on.t

Bomani Jones – one and only cast member

So, Bomani Jones is a sports journalist. He was born on 26th August 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He spends his childhood in Houston Texas. He went to a school in Waller. Later on, he got his BA degree from Clark Atlanta University.

For his first MA, he went to the Claremont Graduate University. For his second MA, he went to the University of North Carolina. He began his career as a music and pop culture critic and in 2008, started his career as a sports journalist.

Right now, he is an employee of ESPN. Having known about his life, the next thing to know is how has the new show been designed.

Design of the show – Its plot

As explained by Jones himself, the new show is going to be very different and unique from all the other sports shows out there. He has said that, through the new show, he wants to explore what goes on and off the field with way more detail and attention. He says that incidents in sports have more to them than what is just visible at the surface level. He added that he is excited about hosting the show. 

So far we only know that Jones is the sole host of the show. There is no air of a second host being present for the show. In the department of episodes, only one episode has been confirmed.

At this point in time, it is difficult to say how long the show is going to run for. All we can say is that when such an important person is hosting the show, certainly the show will continue for a couple of weeks.


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