The third episode of Throne Game Season 8 will be released on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Some spoilers and leaks have already surfaced. Continue reading for more information. If any of these theories, leaks, or rumours are true, the article will contain spoilers from Season 8 Episode 3.

At the moment, no episode 3 title has been revealed, but we do know that the episode number is 70. Some fans have reported seeing titles elsewhere, so Winterfell (which has already been dismissed), Exodus, and The Dawn battle are rumours about the title of Episode 3. However, all of the episode titles that have leaked up until now have been incorrect.

Someone uploaded a file to the internet in 2017 and labelled it as a “leap” from Game of Thrones season 8. Some were sceptical of the leak, but many others agreed. Fans thought the series ended on a high note. If it was the original script, the writers should have made a new one. This is most likely the only logical explanation for why so many fans abandoned the series so quickly.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3
Source: Watchers on the Wall

Episode 3 of GOT storyline

From the battlegrounds, Sansa and Arya watch as Jon and Daenerys fly the Dragons to a hill overlooking the field. Winterfell is prepared for the arrival of the Dead Army. Theon and his Ironborn are leading Bran to Godswood, and Jorah is riding through the Dothraki horde, the first line of defence. Melisandre, a lone rider, is approaching. Taking an arakh from Dothraki, she set fire to the horde’s weapons before entering the castle. Davos is disturbed by her presence, but she assures her that she will be “dead before dawn” because she will not be executed.

The horns are blaring, and the Dothrakis are charging. Those at Winterfell watch in horror as blasted arachs flee one by one, leaving only a few horses, Dothraki, and Jorah fighters. Behind them, a massive army of weight appears and tears through the line of defence. Brienne and Jaime are fighting tooth and nail to hold their ground, while Arya and Sansa are standing empty. Daenerys and Jon provide a brief respite for their dragons and flames in the massive army, but they will soon be blinded by a massive storm.

She informs her sister that it is time to seek refuge in the crypts. Sansa comes to a halt and wishes to remain with her people, but she is hesitant to follow through on the original plan. Arya gives it a dragon-glass dagger and tells her to “stick it to the pointing end.”

On the ground, the fight is still going on. Edd narrowly saves Sam from the depths of his being. He is looking on in horror as Sam, who had turned to thank his brother Night’s Watch, is pounded from behind by Edd. The soldiers were ordered to leave. Lyanna Mormont orders her men to open and close the door while Grey Worm’s Unsullies patrol the retreat. Arya defends the hound from incoming wights by shooting arrows from above.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3
Source: Watchers on the Wall

Davos lights two torches and instructs Daenerys and Jon to light the massive trench that surrounds Winterfell, but they cannot see the fog. The archers desperately fire fire arrows into the trench, but the wet enflammation does not appear. Melisandre, along with Unsullied, joins the fray. She struggles, kneels, and mutters in Valyrian, but eventually lights up the trench, creating a wall of fire. The wights come to a halt and wait. The wights come to a halt.

Tyrion is frustrated in the crypts because he isn’t on the field to find something useful that other people are missing. Sansa forces him to admit that they are useless in battle. They recall their marriage, and while Sansa considers Tyrion to be her husband’s best, his devotion to the Queen of Dragons would have caused problems. Missandei, irritated by this remark, moves to a different location in the crypt.

Theon tries to apologise to Bran for his previous behaviour in the Godswood, but Bran tells him that everything has led him to his home. As the Night King approaches Viserion, Bran fights and launches a swarm of ravens into the air.

The unforgettable forces are led by the King of the Night into the ferocious trench. Davos notices that sections of the fire have begun to suffocate as the bodies pile up. The flames erupt, and the castle’s walls begin to crumble. Gendri, Jamie, Brienne, Gray Worm, Jorah, and Sam wield the walls. Arya’s training begins earnestly as she fights alongside the dead army, but the stream never stops. She flies in a shaky manner, stumbling and collapsing.

Frozen by his impending death, the Hound ignores Beric Dondarrion’s cry for help until Arya is in need. He moves in her direction, closely following Beric.

When the wight swoops in, the young warrior meets her match. Lyanna Mormont and her men do their best to keep the door secure. After being knocked aside, she rallies and hashes the enormous creature. The giant slowly crushes the little girl, but not before being stabbed in the eye to end her last act.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3
Source: Digital Spy

Arya hides in the Winterfell Library stacks to keep wights at bay. She moves from one party to the next, convinced that the worst has occurred, until a new group breaks through the corridor and pins it to the ground. Beric rushed to her aid, accompanied by Hound. Beric dies while protecting the Hound and Arya, both of whom narrowly escape death.

The priestess recalls the girl she predicted a long time ago: Arya would close many eyes, be brunette, green… and blue. In the Great Hall, they meet Melisandre. The young Stark hurriedly realised what was going on.

The Night King blasts a hole in Winterfell’s wall with Viserion’s flames. Rhaegal and Jon have charged them. When the dragons fight, Rhaegal feels the blows more acutely than his late brother. Daenerey and Drogon collided with Viserion after the night king knocked him off his horse. Rhaegal collapses to the ground, his wing slashed.

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