Future State: Swamp Thing Takes on a Powerful New Role

The DC Universe has given Swamp Things a new level of authority after the revelation of the different world of Future State. The premise of the Future State gives us a look at the futures of the alternate versions of villains and heroes. And one of the surprising changes has come in the world of Swamp Thing. There has always been a balance between humanity and fauna, but now, it is about to get ruined with Swamp Thing conquering the world.

In the Future State: Swamp Thing #1, Swamp Thing won’t be alone in the post-apocalyptic world of the DC Universe. All the cities in the Future State will be overgrown with plants and led by the family of Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing may not have any of his memory of Alec Holland. So this means he has abandoned humanity. He will serve as the paternal figure to his children and give them a task to search for any signs of humans who might have survived the great cataclysm.

Swamp Thing will narrate to his daughter Calla that humans and machines teamed up to fight against the plants and conquer the world. So the Parliament of Trees decides to take action against the superheroes and supervillains, who have put the life of Earth at risk of extinction. Heroes and villains got wiped in the conflict, and humanity consumed itself. Thus, it led the Green to take over the world and reshape it.

Swamp Things unable to conquer over the North

Swamp Thing is still looking for the remaining humans. The Green has almost conquered the Earth however, the champions of the Green think that the humans are co-existing with them for years. Moreover, the children of Swamp Thing successfully find the signs of the living people in the Northern part of the Earth. But they are unable to take over that part of the planet due to subzero temperatures.

Final Words

The rise of Swamp Thing might lead to another war between humanity and the Parliament of Trees again after they find the signs of humanity. A new version is soon going to come to DCU in the upcoming Infinite Frontier era. But the Future State has revealed some scary things which might happen when the balance between the Green and humanity gets disrupted. Ram V, Mike Perkins, June Chung, and Aditya Bidikar’s Future State: Swamp Thing #1 is on sale now, so don’t forget to buy it. 

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