Future State: Black Lightning Reveals His Shocking and Surprising New Form

Future State has taken over the DC Universe, and one powerful Arrowverse hero has gone through a huge transformation in The Next Batman. Yes, we are talking about Black Lightning, aka Jefferson Pierce. His first appearance in the Future State suggests that his power will grow more, and he will evolve in an unusual form.

More details about the new form of Black Lightning

In the Outsiders, the backup story from Future State: The Next Batman #1, Katana helps a group of protestors to escape from Gotham City. During that scene, she encounters Duke Thomas. Katana is angry with him and leaves the facility when he offers his support. Even though she might not have asked for a backup, but she ends up receiving it anyway, but it is not from Duke.

Katana battles with Magistrate forces and hears one lightning bolt. The black bolt strikes her opponent Kaliber and leads him and his men to retreat. Katana hears someone calling out her name from one of the bolts. When she looks at it, it seems to transform into some kind of an electrical being, and that being is none other than Jefferson Pierce.

First, Katana is scared by the new form of her friend and attacks him, but Pierce takes away her sword and calms her. Katana feels concerned about her friend, but Pierce brushes it off. Furthermore, he warns Katana that there is a Magistrate’s spy in Duke’s group and tells her to focus on that.

Jefferson Pierce’s Power

Jefferson’s powers have increased throughout history. When he was introduced in DC, it was shown that he got powers after wearing a designed belt by Peter Gambi. Later on, he absorbed that power because of his metagene. Moreover, in pre-Flashpoint continuity, it was shown that Pierce could transform into an electrical form and move through electrical currents. It helped him to travel at extremely fast speeds.

In the comic version, Jefferson’s code name had a true meaning because he could fire black lightning bolts, and it is said, that they are a form of magic. Moreover, these bolts go beyond science and are not limited by the law of nature. So that makes these powers one of Pierce’s unique powers.

Final Words

In Future State, we saw Pierce gaining more powers, but recent events in DC’s main continuity suggest that the character will soon reach his potential and become more powerful in the future. Stay connected with us for more updates about Black Lightning, aka Jefferson Pierce in DC Comics.


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