From Worst to Best: Netflix’s Money Heist Characters

Money Heist has become an international phenomenon due to the emotional rollercoaster of betrayal and betrayal, betrayal and betrayal that includes guns, explosions, and a high-risk cat-and-mouse game. 

In separate heists currently airing on the show, hostages and law enforcement officers are being held hostage. Both schemes share a core of criminals, but their details and additions are quite different.

These chess boards are impossible to keep track of for anyone except the Professor. As a result, this is not your typical cops and robbers story; rather, it is a tale of multi-layered characters, from their names to their plotlines. 

Let’s take a look at the characters so far

As the new season of “Money Heist,” approaches, let’s take a look back at the characters we’ve met and those we haven’t. The worst characters are listed first on this list.

 Rather than including everyone, our initial focus will be on the most interesting and engaging characters who receive significant screen time. I strongly urge you to watch any of the films listed.

Netflix's Money Heist Characters
Netflix’s Money Heist Characters

Gandia: Money Heist

César Ganda is the series’ main antagonist in seasons three and four of Netflix’s Bank of Spain. He plays a self-righteous, enraged bank guard. 

He believes he has a moral obligation to prosecute criminals, which he takes very seriously. Palermo, enraged at his dismissal from the crew, advises him on how to flee. Rio is powerless to prevent Gandia from assassinating the team’s favorite member following his release. He does not kill her heroically; rather, he kills her because she is a mixed-race woman who refuses to submit to his authority.

Gandia evades capture with the assistance of special forces. With the mission jeopardized, his fellow assassins are sick of hearing him brag about himself and their own sense of importance. Tokyo observed that he was easily rattled upon his return, which she attributed to his apparent disregard for his family and the attractiveness of his wife. Gandia embodies toxic masculinity, racism, and hypocritical self-righteousness. If this surprises you, you are not alone.

Arturo Roman

Teddy and Arturo would make an excellent anti-hero pairing, as both are motivated by a desire for personal glory and public recognition. Arturo rallied the hostages against the heisters in Seasons 1 and 2, despite the fact that they were not in immediate danger.

Monica Gaztambide: Money Heist

 Another person must take a significant risk in order for him to succeed in all of his schemes. Then there’s his mistress, Mónica Gaztambide. Arturo has rejected her due to her pregnancy. Denver makes a concerted effort to win her back when he falls in love with her. Due to the fact that he is a small child participating in a large boy’s game, Helsinki refers to him as “Arturito” (“little Arturo”).

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