Four Ways To Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

With each passing month, the need for everyone to step up and be proactive about cutting down their carbon footprint becomes more apparent. We have all seen the news reports about extreme weather events around the globe. Here are a few ways that you can take responsibility.

Educate Your Team

Provide resources for your team to learn more about how their individual actions impact climate change. Highlight opportunities for recycling and encourage them to be proactive. Introduce incentives for small environmentally friendly actions, such as turning off electrical equipment at the end of the day. Create benefits for those who give up driving to work. Offer public transport passes and reward cycling.

Get Proactive With Recycling

Find recycling services for all your waste materials. Save money and do your part for the environment by recycling more than paper. Look for recycling companies in your area that can handle specific or unusual materials your business may create. Arrange for a pick-up service or a container drop off if you are unable to transport the materials yourself. Remember that you can make money back through recycling because firms like Gardner Metals pay a fair price for scrap metal. Recycle electronic equipment to cut down on the shocking amount of e-waste that occurs annually.

Rethink Business As Usual

Decide whether your team needs an office or if they can work at home. Think about how much less energy would be used if your employees commit to remote working. Calculate the electricity and water usage, and factor in the carbon emissions created by your team travelling to work.

Talk to your suppliers about their environmental policy. Address any concerns and work with them to find better solutions. Look at the ways that your office could be more energy efficient if you choose to keep that space. Replace existing lighting with LED bulbs that last longer and create less waste. Install low-flow water appliances where you can. Look at your budget to see if you can afford to replace older machines with newer models that have a better energy efficiency rating.

Go Beyond The Day Job

Look for green initiatives in your area that you can sign up for. Get involved with a local environmental charity project with your employees for team building and to give back to your community. Look for areas and neighborhoods struggling with recent weather events that could use your help. Research environmentally focused charities that you could donate to. Visit your local government’s recycling resource to find out what more you can do.


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