Fortnite’s The Walking Dead Portal Is Now Open

About a week ago, it was announced that this season 5, we will be seeing a portal open between the two worlds. The release date was given as 16th December, 2020 and the company has been true to its words. You can watch the trailer of the new addition here- 

What is new as of now?

As of now, we can only find the open portal. Through the portal we are able to recognize the Walking Dead landscape as shown in the trailer though we can not see any actual players/ zombies there. The portal was found in Fortnite island and the players were able to get what it is immediately.

You can watch a video of a player near the portal here- 

If you see this properly, you can see how similar this is to the teaser of the game released on The Game Awards. You can find the official announcement here- 

Will there be additional skins?

It has been announced that a new character from the Walking Dead Franchise will be released here everyday, which includes Daryl Dixon and Michonne. Usually, with the release of trailers, the company doesn’t reveal the whole scene and lets the players do some guess work. But this has not  been the case with the teaser. The whole new installment was spoiled by the company itself.

You can watch the trailer here- 

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen anymore.


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