Fortnite update 14.60 patch notes: Venom, New video chat, Creative playlists

Are you a Fortnite lover? Then keep scrolling on to find the latest updates about this game. Recently, Fortnite developers launched a new version 14.60 patch update. Rolling out the new version brings plenty of new features for the Fortnite players.

Epic Games has finally dropped a new update 14.60 for Fortnite. So players can see it now live on their servers. According to the sources, the developers have updated the patch to build up to bring a bunch of exciting features and content and well as for the most-awaited end of the season. Exciting right?

Apart from this, players will be able to see more Fortnite updates such as a new batch of XP Extravaganza Challenges, new matchmaking portals to the Creative Hub, a Houseparty video chat support, and much more.

Fortnite 14.60 patch notes

Below we have mentioned a list of changes in the Fortnite patch notes 14.60.

Venom Cup

The developers have added Venom Cup in the new Fortnite update, and it is said to be one of the biggest additions in the game. And guess what? Fortnite players compete against several opponents in the Marvel Knockout Super Series with their gaming buddies. Those who rank a bit higher than other players will get an opportunity to unlock a Symbiote Slasher Pickaxe, Tendril Tote Back Bling, Venom emote, as well as Venom skin before the release.

XP Extravaganza Part Two

The Fortnite developers are launching the next set of XP Extravaganza Challenges as Chapter 2, Season 4 continues.

Creative Hub

Developers have brought something new to the Creative Hub, and that is matchmaking portals. It will be powered by the Fortnite community. The players will also see a brand new Creative LTM. It will be created by the Fortnite community as well. Moreover, it will be a feature on a rotation basis.

Let’s Get Social

Fortnite players will now get to see their friend’s faces while playing together. Sounds cool, right? The game will have a new video chat feature that will be powered by Houseparty,

Creative mode changes

Epic Games has also brought more changes to the Creative mode. Here we have listed some highlights:

  • Fortnite players can mute Elimination Audio and hide Elimination feed.
  • Developers have also updated the Hub Island portal layout, which will help the players to alter the latest updates to the hub creator guidelines.

Final Words

So these were the new changes in the Fortnite game. But aside from these, the new update has also fixed gallery bugs, prefabs, devices, creative tools, weapons/items, as well as gameplay. Stay tuned for more gaming news.


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