Former employees who alleged discrimination says Pinterest’s $22.5M settlement highlights tech’s inequities

Former Pinterest’s policy team members Aerica Shimizu Banks and Ifeoma Ozoma asserted racial and gender racism at Pinterest in June 2020. After this racism behaviour, there was hope for Pinterest to make them whole. Well, there was also a hope to address its culture of alleged discrimination, said by Ozoma in an interview. 

Françoise Brougher, the former Pinterest COO prosecuted Pinterest, just two months later alleging gender discrimination that resulted in paying a huge settlement amount. 

Yesterday the company confirmed a settlement amount $22.5 million for this improper behaviour. As per the report, Pinterest will pay a total of $20 million to Brougher and her solicitors, as a settlement. This report got confirmed after the company wrote it in a filing.

But the situation got out of the context when Ozoma and Banks characterized a double standard in their ordeals if we compare it to Brougher’s. 

For this racism behaviour where Brougher received a settlement amount of $20 million payouts, on the other Banks and Ozoma received a settlement which is less than one year’s worth of severance, said by Ozoma on a call. 

Banks told in an interview that this surely fills the time-honoured tradition in America, in which the Black women come ahead, blazing a trail, demonstrating injustice.

Earlier this month, there was a lawsuit filed by many shareholders and what’s surprising is that this lawsuit was filed against Pinterest executives. Among them they had Ben Silbermann CEO, alleging a culture of discrimination. 

However, for both Ozoma and Banks, all legal options have been exhausted, which means they will not pursue a lawsuit, apart from this Banks also said that its important to keep in mind the fact that Brougher, had far more resources to seek litigation as a former COO. 

As per the report, the settlement between Brougher and Pinterest will commit a total of $2.5 million toward advancing women and underrepresented communities. But only in the tech industry. 

This is all about the $22.5 million settlement amount that highlights tech’s inequality. For more such technical updates and news, Stay tuned! 


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