For £5, A Charity Bundle That Includes 60+ Games To Aid In The Fight Against Climate Change.

The World Land Trust Bundle, which includes over 60 indie games, has already earned over £15,000 ($20,000) for a well-known conservation organization.

The World Land Trust Bundle on costs £3.77 ($4.99) and includes 66 games. These books would cost £367 ($486) if purchased at full price.

The World Land Trust will receive 100% of the proceeds from this bundle in order to “protect and restore critically threatened animal habitats while simultaneously locking up carbon and mitigating climate change.”

Plant-Based Gaming, an organization that promotes educational and conservational games, put together the bundle. Future Friends Games, an independent game promotion firm, has also contributed funding.

The package includes games that can be played on both PC and mobile platforms. This category includes puzzle games like A Good Snowman Is Hard To Find, which depicts the story of a snowman-making critter. WolfQuest is another game that allows users to live the life of a wolf in the wild.

The World Land Trust Bundle had raised £16,987 for charity at the time of writing. Within 24 hours, it had surpassed its initial target of £7557 ($10,000). After exceeding the initial goal, the organizers stated, “almost $10,000 raised is wonderful, and we’re blown away by your generosity.”

Reportedly gamers may get their hands on the package before December 10

Aside from that, Endwalker, the most recent addition to Final Fantasy 14, has made up for the “congestion” produced by its entrance. According to the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, additional compensation may be forthcoming.

A $5 indie bundle of more than 60 games will benefit a conservation organization

The company has previously distributed indie game packages for such events. Last year, an Bundle raised almost $7 million in support of #blacklivesmatter and civil rights.

 This month’s independent game bundle is provided by Plant-Based Gaming, an organization dedicated to promoting video games with an emphasis on ecology, conservation, and education.

More than 60 games were bundled together at a reasonable price as a result of their efforts.



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