Five Feet Apart’s sequel All this time: Release Date, Cast, and other details

The initial part rotates around the couple, Stella needs to be in the hospital most of her time due to her unfortunate disease called cystic fibrosis. She is bound to follow several restrictions, regimes, and mostly self-control. 

However, when she met Will, all of those are now a challenge for the 17-year-old. Will happens to be the intriguing person who possesses the exact ailment. Even though the constraints that they are supposed to maintain a safe distance, there begins some trifling among the both. 

Fans were eagerly wondering if there will be another part for the movie. Well, technically speaking this won’t be another part of the movie but will have an entirely different crew. 

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This new sequel of the movie Five Feet Apart is believed to come out on 1st August 2021. So, buckle up fans, we’re gonna see a masterpiece in the coming month itself. 

We all know how fans have been waiting for the movie to renew for another part but the wishes of millions will be fulfilled in the month of August. 


As we said earlier, that the movie will comprise a whole new cast. However, the makers have not yet disclosed the cast of the movie. 

As soon as they publish the details of the cast, we will be updating you with the same. 


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The upcoming movie revolves around a boy of former high school quarterback Kyle, who is languishing over the unfortunate demise of girlfriend Kimberly in a fatal car accident. 

He ultimately undertakes a cautious romance with a charming, smart girl, Marley, who enters his life. As weird occasions start to unfurl with the boy, Kyle figures out that his existence with the girl, Marley may not be everything that it appears to be.

IMBd Rating- 7.2/10 (2019 release) 


Sadly, there’s no trailer out yet. We except a trailer or teaser very soon, till then stay tuned and notified. 

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