One of the most popular open source web browsers has finally been released with a ton of cool features and specs. We are talking about none other than Firefox 85.0 here which is finally available with new features. It has also introduced an end to end user privacy and network partitioning function.

The new update came right after Google announced that it will remove all the Google services access that other open source browsers had in the past. 

After Google’s new decision, another web browser named chromium got into trouble as they were running on Google’s services. Though it would be a plus point for Firefox as chromium might come to Firefox.


The latest released Firefox has come with a lot of cool features. There is a new anti tracking feature which will help the user keep him safe. with the new user’s privacy will be kept safe and not be compromised. If you enable the function, the data related to website catches, images and cookies will be saved on the site itself.

The Firefox is the first ever browser to come with such a unique and efficient feature. Such a feature was available only on Apple Safari and Google Chrome. these not the only improvements that Firefox has come with, there are a numerous other improvement also which has been introduced by the browser with the new update.

There is also another special feature which enables the user to remove all the saved login credentials from all the site the user has saved at once. The browser has a password manager to do that.

There are some of the other enhancements also like page inspector tool and inbuilt Flash Player plugin, etc.

You can download the Firefox browser form their official website.


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