Superman, he is the first superhero the world saw and recognized in union. He is still the most popular but the fact that he does not have a proper game after him does not sound good. Unfortunately, any game that has been made based on him has turned out to be failures as they were so bad. 

Things are changing now. Why we say so? Find out by reading ahead.


Over the years as many games based on Superman have failed, many consider that a proper game based on him is impossible to make. It turns out a Japanese game developer is set on changing the minds of these people. As the news is, a Japanese game developer named Undefeated Games is right now working on a game called the Undefeated. 

The game allows players to control a super powerful man who is capable of flying at very speeds, smash things, carry heavy objects and emit lasers from his eyes. All these things indicate only one thing that it is a Superman based game. Undefeated Games has not made any official announcement nor has DC Comics, who own the rights to Superman announced any collaboration with them. 

We are getting excited as if this game becomes a hit, the bigger game developers may take a note of it and maybe with DC Comics and Undefeated Games make a official Superman game.

Undefeated by Undefeated Games is right now available on trail bases for players to play. Those who have played this trail version have praised it a lot. 

The trail version is available on Steam for PC gamers. We recommend you play this trail version as it is quite fun to play as the game has been developed in the Unreal Engine 4. 

What this means is you can smash buildings and other things present in the game world.

Let us keep our fingers crossed until a big game developer realizes the potential of Unreal Engine 4 and makes a official Superman game.


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