Play station exclusive games are really fun to play. The sense that only a play station owner can play the game makes one feel like a pro gamer. The list of the games in the exclusive category is quite impressive. Sadly though one of the games is going to be removed from this list.


The game that is going to be removed later on in 2021 is Final Fantasy VII. The reason why this game is being removed is that a remake version for this game is being made. The remake version is for PS5 and along with this the game will also release on PC. The condition that made this game exclusive is getting broken and now the PC gamers will also be able to enjoy it. This inside news comes from KatharsisT who is Reset Era. He said that square enix who are the developers of the game will announce PS5 version of this game later this year the game will be stripped off its exclusiveness and a PC version will also come out.

Right now nothing is confirmed. Many people are treating it as a rumor. The point to be noted here is rumor have become facts in the past. Square Enix has not commented on this rumor till now. We will have to wait for official statement to mark things rock solid.

What are your views on this whole matter? Do you think that there is any truth in this matter? Or all of it is just very big hoax news. Comment your opinion in the comment section.


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