Filming Has Been Completed! All You Need To Know About Uncharted

Well, you can take it as your Surprise for Christmas. The actual filming of the movie ‘Uncharted’ has been completed.

 If I say in clear words, the pre-production of the movie has been completed and post production of this game adaptation is going and will take some time. After almost 12 years of wait, finally, we can think that the movie will hit Cinemas.

Thanks a lot! Ruben Fleischer….

There is the reason that we were worried about the movie. In 2008, this project was first introduced to make a movie by adapting a game. The idea went around through half of the dozens of filmmakers and directors and finally, Ruben Fleischer made it true and has brought Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in front of the ‘Uncharted’ camera. We should be thankful to him for this.

The release date was in 2016 and now in 202_?

The initial release date for the original ‘Uncharted’ movie was long back in 2016. And I think we should all thank Santa Clause that finally, we are having the movie. Filming has been completed and just post-production is remaining. Sony has expected that the film will be released on July 16, 2021. Oh, God! We have the release date. Very hard to believe.

Let’s have a Look at the First look of the Movie!

Tom Holland is a very active guy on Social Media and thanks to him he posted some pictures from the shoot. 

Here you will find Tom Holland’s post,

well, the filming has been completed but we still don’t have the trailer for the movie. I hope we will get that soon.

The cast of the film includes Tom Holland everyone’s beloved Spider-man but here he will be seen playing a younger version of Nathan Drake, a game Uncharted game character. Mark Wahlberg will play the role of Drake’s mentor, Sully Sullivan. Other Cast includes Truth or Dare’s Sophia Tayler Ali whose role is confirmed by our sources.

Antonio Banderas will play one of the major roles which will be of Villain. Tati Gabrielle will be seen too in the movie. Her character is also unknown to us. There is a possibility she can play Drake’s wife journalist Elena Fisher. It will be interesting to see what role Tati has portrayed.


A game adaptation has been common nowadays but this project is of 2008 so we can expect something different from it. Tom Holland is also there. Let’s see how he portrays Drake. 

What guesses do you have for the plot of movie? Have you ever played Uncharted? Share with us.


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