FIFA vs. eFootball: Who Wins?

Football-inspired video games have been tremendously popular for the last three decades, but the FIFA series almost always comes out on top, out of all the options available. It’s hard to find a better multiplayer game, and with continued manager mode improvement, FIFA is also a fantastic single-player option. But here’s the thing: as famous as FIFA is, it’s not the only football game out there. Konami’s eFootball, formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer, is the Pepsi to FIFA’s Coca Cola, a more than capable competitor that many gamers prefer.

Whereas FIFA has an “official” edge, with licensing from most major sporting teams and players, eFootball arguably has the better gameplay. It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day, although an increasing number of gamers are starting to sing eFootball’s praises. In any case, it’s the next best thing to switch to until EA cleans their mess. FIFA 22 account hacks have led gamers to question their trust in the gaming platform, so perhaps it’s time to make a switch. And anyway, is FIFA really that much better than eFootball? Join us on our journey to find out who the real victor is between these two football game heavyweights.

FIFA: The Best Football Game Series of All Time? 

EA Sports launched the inaugural FIFA in 1993, hoping to replicate their success with the NFL-inspired Madden titles. While there were football video games before FIFA International Soccer, none of them managed to catch people’s attention in quite the same way. Buoyed by the success of their first FIFA title, EA started to churn new versions out each year, consistently improving the graphics, gameplay, and team database. 

FIFA is arguably the best football game series of all time, something even diehard eFootball fans will concede. Some people may prefer Konami’s output over certain titles, but as a franchise stretching back to the early 90s, it’s difficult to beat FIFA. Reading through a FIFA 22 review confirms the EA team still knows exactly what they’re doing.

eFootball: Pro Evolution Soccer Reincarnated 

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer games have been the closest competitors to FIFA for more than two decades, never quite managing to hit the same heights in terms of popularity. There are various reasons for this, the main one being a lack of recognizable player and team names due to licensing trouble. Despite this, Pro Evolution Soccer fans are cultish and dedicated, leading to what The Guardian called “the greatest rivalry” in sports games history. 

Konami shifted to the eFootball PES title in 2020, focussing much more on online multiplayer functionality. The Japanese company revolutionized the model further in 2021, releasing eFootball 2022. Unfortunately, the launch didn’t go to plan, with the free version of the game littered with software bugs and a lack of playable teams. A hotly anticipated new update has made things slightly better, and with more on the way, there’s no telling how good the eFootball franchise could get. 

Other Football Game Options Not to Miss 

Although FIFA and eFootball are the two titans, there are plenty of other places to play football games nowadays. 

Wackier options like Rocket League may hit the spot for avid gamers, while the abundance of football fantasy leagues is an excellent way to compete against your friends. Elsewhere, there are numerous high-spec football-inspired online slots to check out, like Shaolin Soccer and Super Striker. Online casinos such as JackpotCity are great places to try these games, with a rich collection of slots and several bonus promotions. Reading a JackpotCity review will tell you everything you need to know. Of course, if none of these alternative football game options suit your fancy, why not play the real thing? Getting your friends together for a kickabout in the park is a perfect way to get your footballing fix. 

FIFA vs. eFootball: Who Emerges Victorious? 

Despite the recent security wobble at EA regarding leaked account data, it’s still difficult to trump FIFA as the ultimate football game. The free eFootball model is a breath of fresh air in an industry that continues to raise video game prices, but the game itself isn’t yet up to scratch. However, Konami is planning several essential updates, so this could all change soon. For now, FIFA is still the creme-de-la-creme.


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