FIFA 22 controversy: where to switch until EA cleans their mess

virtua tennis
virtua tennis

All the FUT regulars have heard the news about the FIFA 22 account hacks. Fraudsters used EA Help to bypass all account security measures, including two-factor authentication, and acquired access to accounts of the biggest traders in the game.

After such a blatant scam has worked in a game, they cherish and love, players can’t feel safe entrusting their data to EA anymore. There’s a need to switch the focus somewhere else until the company ensures that these hacks won’t happen again. Here are three fun, competitive options for those who need to take a break from FIFA.

eFootball PES 2021

The game from Konami remains the most realistic football simulation game out there. The developers could not reach the popularity of the Canadian game makers but continued to stick to their ideals: make the gameplay as similar as possible to what happens in the actual field. It’s not hard to compare: turn on a match, and for the interest, you can even bet using tips from the cybersport and then play the Japanese creation a few times. It will be difficult to tell the difference, as the amount of unique detail in the Pro Evolution Soccer series has always boggled the mind.

As an alternative to FUT, FIFA’s most famous model, PES, has the equally interesting MyClub. Here you can create your dream team from scratch, start defeating your opponents in PvP and earn rewards in the form of in-game currency. Credits are needed to improve your squad.

For those who want to plunge straight into online battles, there is a Matchday mode where you can play against real opponents in matches dedicated to real football confrontations: modern and historical.

Rocket League

For football fans, the Rocket League is the perfect choice in entertainment. The game has been alive since 2015, and the developers are still supporting it with fresh patches and updates. It’s available on Windows, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo for free. So don’t be surprised if you’ve heard the name before.

Psyonix, the game’s creators, decided to combine two excellent sports at once: football and auto racing. The essence of Rocket League is simple: inside a futuristic indoor stadium, the player controls a model car. The goal is to score a giant ball into the opposing team’s goal with them. Matches are played in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 teams.

This arcade simulator has quite a few modes for fans of competitive gameplay and fun fans. Rocket League constantly features tournaments and temporary events with in-game prizes that allow you to change the appearance of your car or ball. Also, a big plus is the ability to synchronize your progress on all the platforms on which the game is available.

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis is one of the few tennis simulators that exist in a video game format. The series strikes a perfect balance between an arcade feel and realism. The benchmark for arcades is the Nintendo console exclusive Mario Tennis. The latest installment, subtitled Aces, released in 2018 for Switch, offers colorful courts, superpowers, and characters from the Mario game series.

Gamers can find realism in Tennis World Tour 2, which appeared in the same year as Aces. A massive number of moves, clever artificial intelligence, and lots of different game situations will appeal to hardcore players.

The last installment in the Virtua Tennis series was released 11 years ago but still holds up. The simulation is clear, user-friendly, yet detailed and in-depth. The learning mode is so exciting and fun that it’s become a game within a game: you have to smash plates or collect ducklings for different tasks. As you reach certain conditions, you increase the level and difficulty, and your skills grow.

Career mode isn’t as dull as in most similar games. Here you’ll encounter a mix of RPG and card games. You can go through a certain number of cells each turn, and different events are waiting for you: from training to recovery treatments. The main objective is to climb the rankings by completing intermediate objectives: winning tournaments.

Try Virtua Tennis even if you’re not fond of this sport. Especially if you have three friends for a 2v2 mode: they’ll love it!


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