Fenisha Khatr star Olivia D’Lima left Casualty Franchise for what reason?

Fans of the BBC One drama “Casualty” were shocked this weekend when not one, but two characters quit the show. On BBC One, the show’s 35th season concluded on Saturday night, August 7. Fenish Khatr’s last scenes were unexpected, and fans were forced to say their final goodbyes. What is the cause behind Olivia D’Lima’s departure from the cast after joining last year.

Because of her role as Fenisha Khatr, Olivia D’Lima left Casualty. Fenisha Khatr (Olivia D’Lima) and Ethan Hardy were eager to spend their remaining time together. A year after Ethan’s mother’s diagnosis, they realised they wouldn’t have much longer.

To their great joy, the wedding day had finally arrived. Despite their differences, they were determined to get married. As a result of an unexpected turn of events, Fenisha was slain in the series finale. Fenish was running late for her own wedding, so she called her ex-boyfriend Matthew Afolami to pick her up (Osi Okerafor).

A collision with the railroad rails forced her out of her automobile. Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil Pollack), a coworker who observed the incident, and Matthew helped her escape. Lev was struck and murdered by another train as he attempted to get back onto the platform. While this was going on, Fenisha, who was severely injured, succumbed to her injuries.

According to reports, actress Olivia D’Lima did not want to quit the drama. Fenisha had been written off of Casualty by the show’s writers in order to create a dramatic season finale plot. It was all D’Lima wanted for Fenisha to depart on a positive note, and she did! Wasn’t it impolite of her to leave the show abruptly?

It was a wonderful pleasure to depict this beautiful love story on Casualty. But she loved the way Fenisha’s narrative ended, she told Digital Spy. According to D’Lima, “this is the finest exit I’ve ever seen”. Dramatic and unforgettably unforgettable, it’s terrible and dramatic. My loss will be felt for a long time as a Fenisha fan. I’ll never forget her since she’s transformed my life for the better.

But fans won’t have to wait too long for the new series to begin airing on ABC. On Saturday, August 15, BBC One will launch the 36th season of Casualty. To celebrate the show’s 35th anniversary, the series will begin anew with a one-hour special on March 31. Casualty may be viewed on BBC iPlayer on the BBC’s website.


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