FaZe Clan’s Jarvis banned on Twitch for the first time

FaZe Jarvis got banned for the first time on Twitch. Well, it is not the first time, where he got banned from a gaming site. In 2019, he got banned from Fortnite after he was caught cheating. And this time, he might have done it again. This time, he got banned on Twitch along with other suspensions of other streamers in the gaming platform. Read on to find a detailed report.

Jarvis, whose full name is Jarvis Khattri, has become popular in receiving several bans on various platforms. In 2019, broke the internet after he received a lifetime ban on Fortnite. Netizens were talking about him on their social media accounts. After his ban, he admitted that he used aimbot hacks in his alternative account in the Fortnite game.

However, he never used those hacks neither in a professional competitive setting and nor on his official account. But unfortunately, Fortnite closed all the doors for him, and he won’t be allowed to ever play on that platform. His career as a pro gamer is shutting down too, after the suspension. After a year, now it looks like the pro player has been banned from Twitch too. However, the reason for his ban is yet to be revealed. You can check out one of his clips on Youtube below.

Why was Jarvis banned on Twitch?

Jarvis has not commented about why he was banned on Twitch. In the past few days, not only him, many other streamers have been banned on Twitch. The others were banned due to the strict DCMA takedowns on the platform, but the reason for his ban is still not known.

The DCMA drama escalated more after Twitch apologized. They claimed that they have been blindsided by the sudden takedown notices. Later on, the platform advised the twitch streamers to mute their games to avoid suspensions. The situation became worse when a few users were angry. Some were even forced to remove their library of VODS and clips to continue streaming smoothly on Twitch. You can check out one of their tweet below.

How long will Jarvis be banned?

We aren’t sure if this was the reason behind Jarvi’s suspension. If it is then, his fans won’t get an apology from him again because last year, his video had become a meme on the internet.

Final Words

Jarvi’s Twitch got suspended just two days after his birthday. We really feel sad for his twisted fate. We don’t know for how long his ban will last, but it is his first offense, so we can expect him to return soon. Check out our website daily for more gaming news.


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