Fauda Season 4 Confirmed: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and much more

As popularity develops, Netflix has begun to devote an increasing amount of its resources to the distribution of international programming. These shows are typically on par with or better than many American shows, and as Netflix develops its international presence, so are its offerings. 

According to IMDb, “Fauda” Netflix has taken over distribution in the United States. It’s a series to which some American viewers have become addicted.

The series is set in Israel and follows Doron, a member of the Israeli Defence Force who becomes involved in several real-world events in the region. The sitcom, produced in three seasons, is based on the experiences of producers Lior Raz (who also acts as Doron) and Avi Issacharoff while serving in the Israeli Defence Forces. “Fauda” has proven to be almost addicting among action fans, with many fans wondering when the show will return for a fourth season on television.

The expected release date

“Fauda,” like many other international shows available on Netflix, is produced by a national television network, YES (not to be confused with the television home of the New York Yankees). The show has been officially renewed for a fourth season on the NBC network, following an original announcement in September of last year (via Facebook). Although no official date for the show’s next season has been announced, it’s worth remembering that there were significant gaps between the release of the show’s first three seasons and the release of the most recent season.

Even though the renewal for a fourth season, fans may have to wait a while to see it. On that note, there was a report on November 15, 2021, of positive news that “Fauda” Season 4 has officially commenced production in its homeland (via Deadline). With any luck, additional episodes will be available on Netflix in 2022.


Although no plot synopsis for the upcoming season of the show has been released, it looks like the show will continue to focus on the stories of Doran and his team as they try to save Israel. Even though the show has a large following, many critics have panned it during its first three seasons, particularly due to its sympathetic portrayal of Israel in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In The Atlantic, contributor Yasmeen Serhan argues that fans who want a Palestinian viewpoint on the conflict should persuade Netflix to commission a Palestinian-created series because “Fauda” is likely to be a letdown.

Some viewers thought the series was disappointing because they expected a more realistic portrayal of the conflict in its fictional storytelling. Still, some critics regard “Fauda” as a pretty irresponsible series, and many fans are eagerly anticipating the next season.

Expected cast 

“Fauda” has had a very consistent cast during its first three seasons. Hisham Sulliman, Shadi Mar’i, Latitia Edo, Itzik Cohen, and Netta Garti are among the guests on the show, hosted by Raz. When the show returns, the core cast is likely to remain substantially intact, although the show may include a few new characters in addition to the existing ones.

To do so, Deadline has announced five new Season 4 cast members, including television veterans Inbar Lavi and Mark Ivanir, who are both well-known to American audiences for their appearances in “Lucifer” and “Barry,” respectively. Lucy Ayoub, Loai Noufi (“Tyrant”), and Amir Boutrous, all relative newcomers, were also named as part of the production’s update.

Are you eagerly waiting for its release? Why don’t you share with us your expectations for Season 4?

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