Father of 4, police boss with ‘side chick’ and life partner captured for utilizing counterfeit cancellation docs

A now-previous Texas Stinnett Police Chief was captured by the Texas Rangers Thursday after a viral Facebook post blamed him for utilizing counterfeit archives to bait in his at first clueless life partner. NBC DFW reports that the Texas Rangers captured Jason Collier on Thursday, a day after he was set on managerial leave. As per specialists, Collier is blamed for messing with an administration report that showed his marriage had been canceled. 

Public Safety Sgt. Cindy Barkley said that, Collier is believed to have sent an instant message to the casualty with a deceitful government record appended. The report was accused to be a false marriage dissolution,”. The occurrence began when Cecily Steinmetz, of El Paso, took to Facebook to let some circulation into Collier’s supposed messy clothing. She posted photographs of the marriage abrogation documentation that Collier purportedly sent her. 

At the point when Kristi Shaffer saw the photographs and posts, she, as well, said she was included impractically with Collier, as per The Daily Beast. Not long after, Collier allegedly erased his own Facebook account. Steinmetz disclosed to MyHighPlains.com that Collier put a hold on his work as a police boss to invest energy with her, with vows to get hitched. Collier revealed to her he would give verification to show that his marriage was repealed. 

Talking about the cancellation, 108th District judge Doug Woodburn affirmed that “no match or similarity exists either under that name or cause number. Our motivation numbers are totally extraordinary… My court is trailed by the letter E. It’s an obvious fake.” Collier has been accused of allegedly altering an administration report to dupe. His bond was set at $10,000. “I would simply trust that he has taken in his exercise, not to beguile individuals like that,” Steinmetz added. 


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