Not a long time ago the integration of COD: Warzone and COD: Black Ops Cold War happened. Fans had their doubts about it with many saying the integration will ruin both the games. In fact the ruin has started as fans are reporting in large numbers the problem with the gun DMR 14. What is the problem and its probable solution? Let’s find out!


To an outsider, the problem may seem non-existent. To a gamer and COD fan, there is only problem. It all started when fans started to play the game after the integration process was over. Fans have reported that the gun DMR 14 had become too powerful. Powerful enough that the gun made other guns look like toys.

Though the gun became the favorite of a handful of players, majority of them think the too powerful gun has ruined the fun. One simply cannot defeat a player with the DMR 14 in hand. Gaming is about fun and how can there be fun if everyone uses the same weapon. Raven Software, developer of COD games tried to turn down the gun by bringing in an update. Players though have reported the update has done next to nothing. 


The solution to this problem was believed to be in the update that Raven Software had released earlier but it did not work. Raven Software had assured the fans that they are working on the solution. In our opinion, Raven Software may have to just discontinue the gun in the game. They will no doubt try fixing it first but looking at the time taken by them to release the first updates that did nothing, a second update on an issue related to a gun does not seem like something that the developers would like to be busy on for long.

What is your take on the matter? Should Raven Software spend the time fixing the DMR 14 or introduce something new. Comment in the comment box.

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