10 Famous Video Game Characters Who Have Slowly disappeared”

Do you miss some famous video game characters? There were several popular game characters earlier who, sadly, couldn’t maintain their popularity over time and have disappeared, such as Pac-Man.

We all know that popularity doesn’t stay forever, it has got to go someday. The same happens to the formerly popular game characters. 

Let’s have a peek at 10 famous video games characters

Famous Video Game Characters Details

1. Toadsworth 

The character initially appeared in the super Mario sunshine in the year 2000. This was the very first appearance. Subsequently, the character had a consistent impression. Moreover, the character was even playable in the sports game. Unfortunately, the character has vanished after the year 2013. 

Moving ahead, let us know if you know the next one on our list.

2. Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine Famous Character
Jill Valentine Famous Character

Jill along with a female colleague lead named, Claire Redfield, have had very rare arrivals in the procession except in the remakes. Also, as they were women idols of the PlayStation 1, enthusiasts wish to watch them again shortly. 

3. Sonic The Hedgehog

Presently the Sonic heading frequently obtains the contrary fusses. Generally, the one playable identity is Sonic the Hedgehog himself, whereas the tails don’t have many appearances. 

4. Mega Man X

The most recent release of the series was in 2018, after which it didn’t have any further series. Out of all the series, X was the most-awaited out of all the others. Enthusiasts were hoping to have a glance at X. X’s games were assumed to be the best out of all the others. Now, it has lost and seems to have vanished. 

5. Rayman 

The game was established in 2010 and seems to have lost its base. Since then it has been forgotten and hence, in such situations relaunch of such games is important when the fans are hoping to see the limbless mascot again. 

6. Warcraft’s Ogre

The loss of importance doesn’t just transpire with the character but sometimes to the whole community itself. In warcraft’s ogre, the entire lineage lost it. In the second installment, they were the second most crucial, while in the third edition, it feels like they were downgraded to a regular character. 

7. Demitri

In the series, Morrigan was the prominent character. But Demitri along with Donovan was presumed to be the heads. And hence, Demitri lost the significance and Morrigan had appeared in several sideshows. 

8. Mr. Resetti

Resetti existed as an impediment against save-scumming moves. However, as current games encompassed auto-save machinists, Mr. Resetti became outdated. And in the most recent version, it didn’t even appear once. Strange to see a game character renounce its role to an automated system. 

With that being said, the next one in our list is the most famous one!

9. Pac Man

Pac Man Video Game Famous Character
Pac Man Video Game Famous Character

Due to legal web ownership, Pacman lost its popularity. And, the actual owners were to be paid every time the Pac-man character was used. Subsequently, they sold the rights of the character. 


Undertale was a video game with tons of enjoyment. The game’s sequel was published subsequently, Delfarune. However, the main character that was absent in it was the Muffet. Furthermore, the shopkeeper of the spider bake was not seen in the series. Besides, as the series is currently ongoing, one can always hope for the best and hope to see it in the future. 

So, which one do you miss the most?

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