2020 came and went by but the pandemic is still here. Yes, things are improving but Zoom family gatherings are still a thing. As it is still a thing we thought of telling you about some family friendly games you can play on Zoom on the occasion of such a gathering.


Chess: Yes, who plays chess on family gatherings but believe us some families do and they are dying to play it again together. For them there is, where you can customize everything as well.   

Monopoly: This classic game needs no introduction and this is one of the most widely played game in family gatherings. You can enjoy this classic game at

Rummikub: The rummy and mahjong combination is really fun to play with up to 4 members. The aim is to arrange numbered tiles in orders like 333, 123, 55 55 55 and likewise. Enjoy its online version at  

Storyology: This is a Zoom centric game. In this there is a digital table with topics written on it. Players take turn at telling a story from one of them. The topics are decided by prompting each other. Players compete to tell the best tale and also remember others stories. Play it at  

MUTE-iny: Another Zoom centric game, in this one the performing player reads out a sentence slowly to others while being on mute. The others have to guess what the sentence was by lip-reading. Nothing just a good connection is needed.

Zoom Spot: Another game that turns the Zoom app into a game, the objective is to find out the changes made in the room of the player whose turn it is. The player first shows the room, turns the camera off for a minute or two and then turns it on again. Others have to now guess what all changes have been made. 

Split Decision: In this game a question like “Are there enough Dogs in the world?” is floated. Players have to guess how many people present in the meeting will say yes to such a question. Whoever gives the most accurate estimate wins.

Here is where our list ends. Can you think of more Zoom based games to enjoy. Comment your ideas in the comment box. 


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