About every second company in the tech industry is releasing its smart glasses, Facebook has also joined the race by announcing its smart glasses.

As Apple is working on its smart glasses, the social media giant is also planning to release its smart glasses very soon. It was announced by Facebook’s Hardware Chief Android Bosworth, the glasses will be arriving soon this year and it won’t have any digital overlay technology which is associated with augmented reality. He also added that the team is really excited about the glasses. they were not even calling it augmented reality, they were just calling it smart glasses.

It was announced by Mark Zuckerberg also last year in a statement where he said that they were working on a normal size, nice looking glasses which one can wear all day interacting with holograms and digital objects. There will be a whole new world created around you which you have never seen, as per Mark.

The company has partnered with a French Eyewear company named Luxottica which is the parent company of the eyewear brand Ray-Ban. The smart glasses will be built with the partner company together. According to Facebook, the first pair of smart glasses will be launched by Ray-Ban.


Talking about the smart glasses, it is expected 5o look like some fashionable glasses with a little twist. It will have a digital camera for capturing photos.

Facebook is really planning big with its hologram and instant navigation features. That’s the best part about the big companies. They always do big, there is never anything small. 

The product is expected to be released by the end of third quarter of 2021. There will be more news and updates about the glasses which will be posted on our page. Talking about the excitement, we are really very excited about the smart glasses, Are you?


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