Facebook has really played a vital role in transforming the social media market over the years. There was a time when we used to use it on a java mobile phone with 2g data and today, we are using it on a 5g smartphone. Seems like we also have come a really long way.

Talking about Facebook, things have really worked out well for the company. Facebook is still the number one company in the social media industry, same as it was years before at the time it was released worldwide. 

The website has really improved over the years and also have made the user experience better and improved the usability too. 

Recently, Facebook has released a new and different page experience for its users. The new update has completely changed the design, layout and complete user experience of the Facebook pages.

In addition to all new layouts, the navigation of the site has also improved. There will be a separate news feed for pages and other features which will provide ease to users. The company wants to make the site simpler and more convenient so that it will be easy for users to navigate between pages and a profile.

what the company has done is they have put the features of news feed into the pages. Now just like the news feed, the user will be able to see top posts from the pages, pages recommendations, and be able to interact with peers and engage with fans.

The company has also added a new feature where there will be a Question-and-answer format for users to better interact with the pages. the users will be able to ask questions to pages about any topic and they will be answered in a swipe through.


The company is planning to not include the like option in the pages as one can not calculate the popularity of a page on the basis of the number of likes that they have. Instead they are focusing on followers this time. A user may have liked some page in the past and have unfollowed it as he did not want to see its content anymore. So, it represents the wrong ratio about the pages. On the other hand, one can easily know about the page popularity on the basis of its followers.

Facebook has really done a great job by simplifying the layout of its pages. Do you think the same?


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