Extra Support: 5 Veterans Benefits That You Might Not Have Known

Basic health care and education benefits are the two most common benefits many veterans are already aware of. These benefits alone are substantial but there are other programs and benefits available to veterans and their families.

These are an additional six veterans benefits that you may not have heard about, but all veterans should look to see if they can qualify.

Long-Term Care

Receiving long-term care is expensive. For ageing relatives, it is often necessary to provide them with the care that will help and support them. Through the Aid and Attendance program, most veterans are eligible to receive money that will cover the cost of nursing homes, assisted living programs or other long-term care options. Surviving spouses of veterans are also eligible to receive support. It will help them to cover the costs of their long-term care.

Caregiver Support

For those that choose to take care of an ailing veteran at home, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a caregiver support program.

Although it does not offer any monetary support to caregivers, it does provide free support and a caregiver support coordinator. The support coordinator will help to navigate military benefits, as well as the stress of caregiving.

Life Insurance

A common challenge for many veterans is obtaining life insurance, especially those who sustained an injury during their time of service. There is the Servicemembers and Veterans Group Life Insurance program. It allows veterans to receive between $10,000 to $400,000 in life insurance and offers competitive premium rates.

There is also the Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance. This provides life insurance to spouses and children of service members with Servicemembers Group Life Insurance coverage.

Mortgage Support

For Veterans and their families struggling to pay their mortgage, the Department of Veterans Affairs can help through special repayment plans, loan forbearance and loan modification programs.

There are additional benefits available to veterans, like VA loans.

Current and former military members and families have access to VA loans, allowing them to get a house with no down money, or private mortgage insurance.

To see if you qualify for a home loan, you can visit  https://heroloan.com/ to fill out a survey. There is additional information about VA loans, how they work and why you should choose one.

Employment and Training Services

You could also consider the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) program. It’s an independent agency created specifically to assist veterans transitioning from the military back into civilian life.

The benefits available for military veterans are constantly changing. So, you must stay up to date. There might be benefits that could help create a secure future for you and your family. Benefits also vary from state to state, so take the time to see what benefits are available in your state


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