Explore the world of engineering with MIT-WPU’s B.Tech course

The MIT-B.Tech WPU programme allows students to delve into the world of engineering.

After four decades of producing engineers who are ready for the workplace and who have strong industry-university connections, the university now provides excellent internship and job placement opportunities to students.

They have a BTech programme that allows you to be a part of the MIT-WPU cohort.

On July 7th, 2030, the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology will begin accepting applications for its prestigious B.Tech programme. According to the TOI Survey 2020, the MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is the seventh best private engineering institute in India. 

Three of the MIT-founded WPU’s principles are providing a social context for education, allowing students to choose their own career path, and promoting active learning. The university as a whole provides students with a well-rounded education that is supported by value-based education, research, and industry partnerships.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.): The university has a long history of producing engineers who are ready for the workforce. At the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, you can specialise in a variety of engineering and technology fields (FET). MIT-WPU is an excellent place for R&D in innovation because of its excellent infrastructure, eminent faculty, and PhD programmes.

Students and faculty at the university have access to cutting-edge technology

Students enrolled in the MIT-B.Tech WPU programme are prepared for careers as industrial engineers through a choice-based credit system pattern and experiential learning. As part of the programme, many MOOCs and interdisciplinary courses are available to help graduates improve their skills and knowledge. 

The university provides focused guidance, a wide range of opportunities, and the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning to help students succeed in their future careers. A new engineering curriculum has been redesigned at the MIT-Faculty WPU School of Engineering and Technology to include industry-relevant courses and allow students to minor in computer engineering.

It is a twelve-trimester programme with a credit system based on choice. The institute’s goal is to promote academic excellence in problem solving among graduates in order to contribute to infrastructure development. Chemical engineering is a highly regarded field of study in India.

 At the centre, experimental research and industrial training are seamlessly combined. Apart from that, it ensures that the School of Engineering excels in research, which is critical in the burgeoning chemical industry. As a result, the institute maintains contact with its alumni and stays up to date on new developments in the field of chemical engineering.


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