EVO 2022 reveals its entire games lineup

After a gap of two years, the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) that focuses on fighting games, is back. The games lineup for this year’s EVO have been revealed in an online event. If you are an EVO competitor then we guess you would like to know the games lineup right away. You will have to wait a bit more, as first we would be explaining what EVO is to all those people who have heard of the thing just now. Let’s get started then.

What is EVO

The Evolution Championship Series which popularly known as the EVO, is a fighting game tournament that takes place every year in Las Vegas. Players compete in a number of fighting games to win big cash prizes.

The tournament was started in 1996 and since then took place every year till 2019, when due to COVID-19 the tournament could not happen for two years. This year, the tournament will take place form 5th to 7th August at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center that is in Las Vegas.

Players from all around the world compete at this tournament with a large bulk of the competitors coming from Japan. If you fancy taking part in this tournament then head to the EVO 2022 home page.

Here, you will find everything about the tournament like its rules, eligibility, exact venues within the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, its registration form, and even tickets to the tournament if you just want to watch the tournament live. Also, the entire tournament will be broadcasted live over Twitch.

Now that all of us are aware of what EVO is, the next thing to do is reveal the games lineup for 2022. Here we go then.

The games lineup

This year, the players will be able to compete in the games ‘The King of Fighters XV’, ‘Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’, ‘Mortal Kombat 11’, ‘Tekken 7’, ‘Guilty Gear: Strive’, ‘Skullgirls 2nd Encore’, ‘Melty Blood: Type Lumina’, ‘Granblue Fantasy Versus’ and ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’. The announcement of the game lineup happened over a Twitch stream. The details about the same follow. 

The announcement 

The online event where the announcement was made was streamed live over Twitch on 9th March 2022. The event was hosted by famous fighting games commentators Steve “TastySteve” Scott and Stephen “Sajam” Lyon. While the main highlight of the event was the announcement of this year’s game lineup for EVO, the event also consisted of demonstrations of each of the games announced in the list. The demonstrations were down by two top pro players of each game. 

As always, the EVO 2022 is expected to bring together a lot of pro players for each of the games from around the world.

Since its start, the tournament has had an American winner predominantly with a few Japanese winners in between. From which country do you think this year’s winner will be? Will it be from America or Japan?

Or will someone from some other country show up? We will find that out together at the EVO 2022. 

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