Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton combined work ‘Tiny PrettyThings’ novel when adapted into a thriller mysteries series it gets loved by the audience at the Netflix. The first season of the show got a great response and now discussions are there for its second installment. Let’s see what we have.

Release date, casts, trailer, and many you want to know!

Well, the first season of thrilling elite ballet drama found lots of enjoyment in the viewers. A season full of twists and turns leaves a wonder for people whether they have the second season or not. Let’s try to find out.

Following the novel, the series goes through an elite world of ballet where the young adults coming far from home try to spot themselves in the prestigious academy to rise but many fall too. The first season of ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ comprises ten episodes and no one has thought it will have several twists and shocking moments along with some magnificent dialogue.

Netflix has said no official word regarding the renewal of the show!

Well, viewers feel sad from this news that Netflix has no updates regarding the renewal of the show which means we have to wait a bit more for the second installment of the series. So, the future of the show is unknown to all of us.

But! But! wait my readers I have news to rejoice you again. Since Netflix knows that demands are higher for its second part and thus Netflix can pass the green light to the ‘Tiny Pretty Things season 2’ anytime and it is confirmed that we will have season two. We can assume the sequel to arrive in 2022 but yeah it is important to note that this is just an assumption, not a confirmation.

The show hasn’t revealed much about the cast of the show. But, surely, many from season one will make their return in the sequel too including Kylie Jefferson, Lauren Holly, Casimere Jillette, and Daniel Norman. Who’s gonna replace this fantastic cast.

Since Netflix has said nothing officially about the show thus, we have no information regarding the trailer and teaser of the show. Thus, we just wait for any updates regarding the show. It can come at any time or won’t ever come. But relax if there will any information, we will assure you it will be in your hands.


‘Tiny Pretty Things’ has been so popular and Netflix wants to increase its viewership and thus it will go for season two surely. But again, let’s wait and watch.


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