Are you a horror movie lover, loves the cold chill on the spine of a horrific creature appears? Lets Everything You Need to Know About Lantern’s Lane Movie

Already excited?

Well, then let’s get you properly acquainted with the movie.


As you guys might have already guessed from the sub-heading above. It is directed and written by Justin LaReau has been titled ‘Lantern’s Lane’.

Furthermore, the movie is being produced by Vertical Entertainment.

here is the trailer:

Everything You Need to Know About Lantern’s Lane Movie

Furthermore, it is scheduled to hit the theaters on the 5th of November, 2021. The production for this movie concluded in the October of 2021 only.

Also, the trailer for the movie was released way back on 28th September 2021 on the official YouTube channel of Vertical Entertainment.

And since then has been gathering a lot of views. The horror lovers are in their own language spooked in a good way for the arrival of the movie.


‘Lantern’s Lane’ is about a bunch of new fresh, college graduates who visit Lantern’s Lane.

Moreover, they have come to know from somewhere that some supernatural elements are present at this place, and being young and rowdy, they decide to spend a night at the place to see if the urban legends about the place are true.

And, as is customary in horror movies, the place soon establishes its supernaturalism, and the college graduates are left to survive the night at all costs.

Also, the movie has Brooke Butler, Andy Cohen, and Lisa Roumain in the lead roles.

So, horror lovers, start practicing your scream game to scream at the top of your voices in the theaters this 5th November.

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