A month before the debut of the fourth season of Elite, Netflix announced that it had renewed it for a fifth season. Elite season 5 is presently in production.

Developed by Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona, Netflix’s Elite is a Spanish language show. Even though Elite focuses on typical teenage difficulties, it also explores more advanced issues like a diverse sexual theme. In addition, a mystery element is woven into the plot of each season, which is split across two timelines.

Elite Season 5 is expected to arrive shortly. Netflix announced the fifth season of Elite Season 4 on Instagram before the broadcast of the fourth season. Appearances are that production is about to or has already gotten underway. According to DRP, Elite Season 5 will premiere on June 5, 2022.

Netflix tweeted in February 2021 that the show had been renewed for a fifth season. It’s unclear when Elite Season 5 will air, but it’s likely to happen in 2022.

A fictional exclusive secondary school, Las Encinas, is the setting for Elite’s plot. A scholarship programme allows three working-class pupils to enrol in the school, along with their affluent peers.

A new mystery is unveiled in each season of the Spanish adolescent thriller series. Marina was murdered in Elite season one, according to the show. Three friends – Samuel, Nadia, and Christian – are given scholarships at Las Encinas, the most prestigious private school in Spain, after graduating from high school in the spring. Each student’s life becomes intertwined as the school year goes on. Interrogation scenes are displayed to the spectator in a succession of flashback scenes.

Samuel’s disappearance is the subject of Elite Season 2. Valerio, Rebeka, and Cayetana are three new pupils who enter the school in the series’s second season. The dark secrets of each of these three persons are well-known. Samuel continues his plot to clear the name of his brother Nano, who was suspected of Marina’s murder, as they make friends with the others in their class. Polo, Cayetana’s love interest, gets jailed because Carla believes he is responsible for Samuel’s death. After two weeks, he was released, and he returned to school.

The students of Elite Season 3 are now in their third trimester. As a result of Polo’s death, the police question the students. In the third season, we learned that Samuel was still alive and well. Lu unintentionally stabs Polo, who slips and falls to his death, on the night of their graduation. They are Samuel, Guzmán and Ander. They are Nadia, Carla and Valerio. They are Rebeka and Cayetana. Polo’s death is considered suicide after police cannot uncover a suspect, and his parents tell authorities that he confessed to Marina’s murder. As a result of Omar’s enrollment as a full-time student, Samuel, Guzman, Ander and Rebeka return for their final year.

The plot of Elite Season 4 has Guzmán killing Armando, who had attacked Ari previously. Guzmán dumped the corpse with the help of some old pals before leaving town.

It’s expected that in Elite Season 5, Guzmán’s condition would be the story’s focus. To close out Season 4, Samuel rushes to the airport and stops Carla from flying to London. This leads to a much more serious discussion between Carla and Samuel. Samuel and Carla are in the middle of a heated argument, and they’re trying to figure out what to do. The remaining cliffhangers in Elite Season 5 will be resolved.


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