Season 10 of American Horror Story, which has the title Double Feature, returns after an almost two-year break.

AHS: 1984 and American Horror Stories’ successor, Ryan Murphy’s AHS: 1984 and American Horror Stories, will premiere on FX and Hulu this summer. Plot details are starting to emerge.

FX has set the premiere date of Double Feature for Wednesday, August 25. Hulu will stream the episodes the next day after they premiere on FX.

It’s unlikely that Season 10 of 1984 will be available on the streaming service until 2022. So viewers have to wait longer. 

For the second half of Double Feature, Death Valley, the cast of the first half will be replaced by a new bunch of characters.

Red Tide stars several actors who are well-known from the franchise. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are returning to 1984, which is very thrilling for fans. Austin and TB Karen are the roles they are portraying, respectively.

Death Valley’s entire cast has yet to be revealed. In addition to Neal McDonough, John Carroll Lynch will return to the AHS universe in a new role after appearing in Freak Show, Hotel, Cult and 1984.

Ryan Murphy, the show’s producer, was the first to tease the season’s topic. He wrote on Instagram about the new season, “For the fans, this means two seasons in one calendar year. As a result, you’ll get twice as much enjoyment from watching. An example of this would be beachfront property. In the sand.”

Provincetown, Massachusetts, where sand and sea meet, is featured in the new season. From a 1950s sci-fi film, Aliens have been merged with sea creatures in promo photos for the new season. On-set images show that these sea monsters are inspired by legendary cinema monsters like Max Schreck’s Nosferatu, hinting that the program’s co-creator, Max Schreck, may have been a significant influence.

Paulson described her character to EW as follows: “Let’s say that the lady I’m portraying this year on Horror Story has some issues. Both in real life and on the show, my hair colour is different.”

It was released in early July. No cast members appeared in this teaser; aliens and sea monsters/vampires, however, did. It also focused on the two-part series’ sand and sea themes.


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