When it comes to snatching up first-rate independent films from the depths of obscurity, no one does it better than Focus Features’ arthouse shingle. Unfortunately, focus Features has yet to announce a release date for “The Outfit,” so that information is a bit sketchy. 

However, a 2022 release date has been set for the picture, according to its IMDb page. Based on the film’s pedigree, that release will most certainly coincide with the height of the awards season craziness. You can be sure we’ll inform you as soon as a launch date for “The Outfit” is set.

If “The Outfit’s” behind-the-scenes talent has piqued your interest, the show’s on-camera talent will only serve to further that interest. And Mark Rylance is just the beginning of the film’s impressive cast. He will be joined in the picture by Dylan O’Brien, who rose to fame after appearing on the hit MTV show, “Teen Wolf,” before garnering praise for his roles in “The Maze Runner” series and the underrated “Love and Monsters” from the year 2020. 

Finally, it’s Zoey Deutch on the other end of the spectrum, who has been piling up credits like mad recently, producing well-received performances like those in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix drama, “The Politician,” “Everybody Wants Some!,” “Flower,” and “Set it Up.”

“The Outfit” also will include Johnny Flynn, who won over Jane Austen fans everywhere with his simmeringly goofy performance as Mr Knightley in 2020’s “Emma.” Nikki Amuka-Bird and renowned British character actor Simon Russell Beale round out “The Outfit.”

As for what Moore and his co-writer Jonathan McClain have planned for “The Outfit,” they’ve come up with a unique spin on the gangster drama that audiences will enjoy. According to a Deadline article from February 2021, Rylance would play Leonard, a former Savile Row tailor in England known for his custom-made suits. 

After experiencing a devastating personal loss, Leonard moves to Chicago and opens a small tailor shop in a seedy neighbourhood. While it’s a far cry from his previous existence, it doesn’t take long for Leonard to find himself sewing gorgeous clothes for the only people in his area who can afford to buy them: a notorious criminal family.

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