On October 24th, 1971, “Lupin III” made its premiere as an anime series. Adapted from Monkey Punch’s 1967 manga, Arsene Lupin III was a gentleman thief on the run from Interpol officer Koichi Zengata. Zengata, despite his efforts, was typically unsuccessful in his objective since Lupin and his crew opted for more dangerous global exploits instead. Numerous versions of Lupin, including Hayao Miyazaki’s “Castle of Cagliostro,” have captivated audiences for decades.

An important part of Lupin’s history may be traced back to several television anime programmes. Three years ago, “Lupin III: Part V” came to a close. The gentleman thief, on the other hand, would not dare miss out on his 50th Anniversary. With “Lupin III: Part VI,” TMS Entertainment highlighted the auspicious event on Twitter. How about Lupin’s jacket this time?

As a result, an official release date has been set. In October 2021, “Lupin III: Part VI” will premiere on the TMS Entertainment website, just in time for the series’ 60th Anniversary. Lupin III: Part VI won’t premiere on a set day in October, but it’ll be part of the autumn anime season, which is already jam-packed with new and returning shows. Despite this, its extensive history as a part of the “Lupin III” series should help it stand out from the crowd.

According to a press release, Sentai Filmworks has acquired the North American home video licences and streaming rights for the next anime series. It’s no secret that Adult Swim’s Toonami block is a favourite among “Lupin III” fans, as the block showed not only the original 1970s “Lupin” anime, but also the most recent instalments, “Part IV” and “Part V.” Other Sentai Filmworks-licensed anime, such as “Parasyte: The Maxim” and “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma,” have also been shown on Toonami.

The voice cast for “Lupin III: Part VI” has yet to be announced on the official website. However, many of the voice actors who worked on recent projects, such as “Lupin III: The First” and the last two anime television series, could return, including Arsene Lupin III’s prominent voice. Since the 1995 film “Farewell To Nostradamus,” Japanese comedian Kanichi Kurita has played Lupin III. Therefore, it’s impossible to conceive that he wouldn’t return as the main character in the next anime series.

There’s a lot more information on Lupin III’s production now, and it appears like the primary staff has a lot of combined expertise from past “Lupin” projects. According to the official website, this will be Eiji Suganuma’s second “Lupin III” project after the 2019 TV movie, “Lupin III: Prison of the Past,” according to the official website. In addition to Marufuji, there’s also music composer Ohno and series creator Ohkura.

Laut Sentai Filmworks, legendarily evil thieves and legendary detectives are set to combat. Sherlock Holmes is on the trail of Lupin after his old associate Dr Watson was murdered. Lupin is a top suspect in a murder case and must establish his innocence to avoid being framed. Additionally, he must contend with The Raven, an infamous group. “Lupin III: Part VI primary’s visual depicts Lupin’s intricacy. There is a smirking Lupin on the left and a scowling Lupin on the right. 

However, the left half of his face, covered in shadows and has a piercing red eye, makes him appear more sinister. Lupin is suspected of murder, making it logical considering that Holmes perceives him differently from the rest of the series’ characters. According to the trailer, this anime may have a more serious tone than usual.

Other works like “Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine” and Takeshi Koike’s trilogy of films are even darker. Compared to some of the more crazy parts in the TV series, this is more in keeping with Monkey Punch’s original manga, which was heavier on sex and violence and had black comedy. The teaser gives our favourite gentleman thief a gloomy vibe, and we can’t wait to watch it coming fall.


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