Description: As you may have guessed from viewing the film, Dune: Part One is just half of the plot. Inspired by Frank Herbert’s renowned sci-fi series, this first film is only the beginning of a plot built with a continuation in mind.

The sequel has no launch date since Dune: Part Two has not been announced. While filmmaker Denis Villeneuve is eager to begin production on Part Two, a publication date may be years in the future. Even if Warner Bros. approves Dune: Part Two shortly after Part One, the sequel is a massive project that will take months to organise, film, and edit.

Dune: Part One’s main shooting began in March 2019 and ended in July four months later. At the time of filming, the picture was scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020, giving it more than a year for post-production. It was then delayed another year before being published in October 2021.

While Dune: Part Two’s production timetable is doubtful as long as Part One’s, Dune enthusiasts may have to wait till 2023 or later for the sequel.

If Dune: Part Two is made, the major members of the cast will come back:

  • Timothée Chalamet will play Paul Atreides
  • Zendaya will play Chani
  • Rebecca Ferguson will play Lady Jessica
  • Javier Bardem will play Stilgar
  • Dave Bautista will play Glossy Rabban
  • Stellan Skarsgard will play Baron Harkonnen
  • Josh Brolin will play Gurney Halleck
  • Stephen McKinley Henderson will play Thufir Hawat

Duke Leto, played by Oscar Isaac, and Dr Liet-Kynes, played by Sharon Duncan-Brewster, are unlikely to return because their characters died in Part One. If Dune: Part Two adopts a portion of Dune’s second novel, Dune Messiah, Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho may reappear as a ghola replica. In Dune, New characters include Paul’s sister Alia, the Emperor, and Princess Irulan. The recruitment for those parts has not yet been disclosed.

Part One of Dune was based on the first 500 pages of the book. Dune: Part Two is planned to cover the remainder of Frank Herbert’s Dune. If it closely follows the novel, Part Two will proceed to narrate Paul’s narrative, charting his time with the Fremen, his connections with Chani and Princess Irulan, and his plots to bring down the Empire.

Villeneuve revealed to Inverse that a moment in the first film in which Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck sings was removed. He stated that he plans to include it in Part Two. We will not reveal any further details. If you are curious about what occurs, we have a series of explainers that go through who would be in Part Two or what the follow-up will cover.

Because Dune: Part One appeared on HBO Max on the same day it was released in cinemas, it is reasonable to speculate that the sequel will likewise be available on the streaming platform. As of yet, there is no indication that if Part Two is announced, it would also be accessible on HBO Max when it is available.


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