Though blockbuster comedies on the big screen are less common than they once were, Hollywood continues to produce a slew of fantastic, chuckle-inducing films. As “Good Boys,” “Booksmart,” and “Girls Trip” have proved, smart casting and good writing can make a genre work, and it appears that the upcoming buddy comedy “Bromates” could be a potential comic goldmine.

Executive produced by Snoop Dogg, “Bromates” marks Court Crandall’s feature film directorial debut. Crandall gained his comic credentials as one of the writers on “Old School.” People who enjoy feature comedies may be curious about the new film, and Crandall and his team have given audiences a sense of what to expect from the production in the trailer. We know the following about “Bromates.”

No official release date for “Bromates” has been disclosed as of this writing. However, the release date of 2022 has been announced for the film. The release date of 2022 has been announced for the film. As the film is presently in production, comedy fans may expect to see it in theatres sometime in the second half of next year.

Aside from keeping an eye on the circumstances while the film is in development, interested people should also keep a close eye on things to observe how practically all major studios have had many film delays over the past year. As a result of the COVID delays, key future films such as “Mission: Impossible 7” and “The Batman” have been halted in production, as well as consumer reluctance to return to the theatre. However, a smaller-scale tale may allow “Bromates” to make it through production and release in 2022.

According to reports, “Bromates” is a comedy two-hander featuring Lil Rel Howery and Josh Brener. Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” made Howery a household name. Since then, he’s appeared in several critically praised humorous films, including “Uncle Drew” and the 2021 video game comedy As Big Head Bighetti in Silicon Valley; Brener is perhaps best recognised. Still, he has also acted in “The Belko Experiment” and “What Men Want,” among others.

Lil Rel Howery and Josh Brener are not the only stars of “Bromates.” On this list, you’ll find “Orange Is the New Black” actress Taryn Manning, “Jeffersons” star Marla Gibbs, “WandaVision” actor Asif Ali, “The Suicide Squad” actor Flula Borg, and “American Horror Story” actress Jamie Brewer, In the end, we are left to wonder if Snoop Dogg will make a cameo appearance in the film.

So far, it appears that Snoop Dogg’s upcoming film will take an old school premise and update it for today’s audiences. A pair of closest friends who split up with their partners at the same time move in together. This incident sets in motion a series of escapades that are heavily influenced by “The Odd Couple’s” famed comedic stylings.

Although the film’s idea seems old-fashioned, director Court Crandall told Deadline that he plans to update it and add some modernity. Consequently, spectators may expect the film to draw on contemporary concepts like internet dating and send a message on the importance of protecting the environment. As a result, the plot may be familiar, but the storytelling will be fresh and feel extremely modern to the audience.


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