Every Crunchyroll Original Anime Launched in 2020, Ranked From Worst to Best

2020 was not a great year for us, but it was for Crunchyroll. The company created and launched seven animes, which received mixed reactions from anime lovers. Today, we are going to take a look at the original animes created by Crunchyroll in 2020. We have ranked seven series from the worst to best.

7. Gibiate

Gibiate is set in 2030, where a deadly virus transforms humans into monsters called Gibia. Sensui Kanzaki and his teammates Kenroku Sanada and Yukinojyo Onikura time travel to a post-apocalyptic modern-day Tokyo. Later, Kanzaki along with a scientist and other survivors tries to find a cure for the virus and save the world. Here is the trailer.

6. Onyx Equinox

In the American animated series, Quetzalcoatl decides to close the gates of the underworld, when the God of the Underworld starts stealing blood sacrifices from other gods. Quetzalcoatl goes to find a human who can shut the gate because he cannot do it himself due to obsidian, which is a toxic substance to the gods. The plot revolves around Itzel, who is picked by the gods to close the gates. Here is the trailer.

5. In/Spectre

This supernatural mystery centers around Kotoko Iwanaga, who is called Goddeggs of Wisdom. She maintains order in both spiritual and human realms. As the show progresses, she falls for a guy, named Kuro Sakuragawa, who possesses near-immortality and precognition. Here is the trailer.

4. Noblesse

The anime centers around Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who is a powerful noble. He wakes up from his internal sleep after 820 years. Frankenstein, a loyal servant of Raizel, helps him to adjust to the modern world and assists him to become a high school student. Here is the trailer.


3. The God Of High School

The story of this anime is based on South Korean manhwa by Yongje Park. a 17 years old martial artist named Mori Jin takes part in a tournament as “The God of High School.” The winner of this tournament will be granted a wish by the mysterious corporation (the sponsorer). Here is the trailer.

2. TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You

The Japanese manga series centers around Nasa Yuzaki, who falls in love with a girl, named Tsukasa Tsukuyom while crossing the street. He almost gets run over by a truck, but Tsukasa saves him. Nasa expresses his love and asks her to go out with him, and she agrees, only if Nasa marries her.

He agrees too, and on his 18th birthday, Tsukasa brings a marriage registration to his apartment. They get married, and the series follows around their cute comedy scenes. Here is the trailer.


1. Tower Of God

In the anime, S.I.U. Bam gets saved by Rachel after living in darkness for years. Both of them become close friends, but one day, Rachel grants him a wish if he the Tower. Bam agrees and hopes to see his friend once again. Here is the trailer.

Final Words

Even if some series has cringy scenes or the CGI is not up to the mark still, these seven animes are worth watching. Let us know if you have watched or want to watch any of these original series. Stay tuned for more updates.


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